How To Rock The Disco Eye Make-Up Trend

Good news, glitter girlies: shimmery 70s-inspired eyeshadow is back as one of the it trends for eyes this year, so it’s time to dust off your palettes and unleash your inner disco diva with the disco eye make-up trend.

We love this trend because you’re in control of the overall look. There are options for those who prefer something subtle, and plenty of choices for fans of a sparkle. Eyeshadow aside, it’s also time to dabble with voluminous mascara, colourful liquid liner and neutral lip tones to make sure your eyes are the hero of this look. Here’s how to look like you used to party at Studio 54…

Slight Shimmer Versus Full-On Sparkle

Whether you’re going all out or just want a pop of shimmer on the lids, opt for an eyeshadow formula that is buildable. This means that you’re able to layer up your product – in this case, your eyeshadow – to a full-coverage finish. To be on the safe side, create a barely there ‘invisible glitter’ look (think Y2K beauty) by layering a strip of your shimmery shadow on top of a matte shadow. If you’re in the mood to steal the show, apply Essence’s Multichrome Flakes Eyeshadow Topper in Cosmic Feelings to your lids. We suggest testing this out beforehand if you’re going to a special event. 

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Crème
Essence Multichrome Flakes Eyeshadow Topper in Cosmic Feelings

Nudes or Colour?

The majority of us are drawn to nude shades, as they’re so universal – suiting all skin tones and eye colours. They’re easy to blend too. Pick a palette that has a variety of hues to experiment with, including the ones you’ve never tried before. Use the matte shades to help make your shimmery shades pop, and remember to blend.

You’ll notice that brighter (and lighter) colours, such as flamingo pink, powder blue and lime green, apply with a translucent finish. If you’re nervous of these hues, make swatches on your forearm to test how sheer or pigmented they are. It’ll give you an idea of how they’ll apply to your lids. We also suggest using an eyeshadow brush instead of your fingers when creating your vibrant disco eye. These shadows stand a strong chance of staining your hands.

Maybelline Nudes of New York Eyeshadow Palette
Essence The Nude Edition Eyeshadow Palette 10
MAC Sparkler Eyeshadow in Jingle Tingle
MAC Connect In Colour Palette HiFi Colour

Your Secret Weapon

Using a primer when applying your eyeshadow is a game changer. It’ll help make the colour pop and the product stay in place until you remove it before bedtime. Once you’ve applied the eyeshadow primer, allow it to dry before dusting on your shimmery shadow. You’ll need no bigger than a pea-sized dot of product per lid.

Essence Prime Like A Boss Eyeshadow Base

Cream Versus Powder

Here’s the thing – there are so many pros to both cream and powder eyeshadow. Stick to creamy, long-wearing formulas if you have dry or mature skin, as this will help prevent creases or cracks. They’re also much easier to apply directly to the eyes and blend. Powders can be trickier but give you more versatility with your look. For example, if you wanted to create an ombre disco eye make-up look, use a silky powder-based eyeshadow palette, such as Dior’s Diorshow 5 Couleurs Eye Palette in Denim.

Bobbi Brown Longwear Cream Shadow Stick in Ruby Shimmer
Dior Diorshow 5 Couleurs Eye Palette in Denim

Would you attempt the disco eye make-up trend? Let us know in the comments.


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