Office-Drawer Grooming Essentials For Men

A new year calls for a new approach to your grooming routine. Especially when it comes to office grooming. So, clear out a drawer in your desk and stock it with a few essential grooming products that will help you maintain your reputation as the most suave guy in the office. Whether it’s freshening up before a meeting or impressing a new client and your office crush, having a trusty grooming stash within reach ensures that you’re always ready to put your best face forward. 

Here’s everything you should have handy in your drawer…

Office-Drawer Grooming Essentials

A moisturiser never fails

The main skincare issue in the office is usually dry air. The AC and heating systems tend to suck out moisture, making your skin dry and dull. If you already have dry skin, it gets even worse. A simple fix is to keep a men’s face moisturiser inside your desk drawer so it’s readily available when your skin feels tight or dry. 

Office-Drawer Grooming Essentials

Keep an emergency deodorant

Don’t you hate that moment of panic when you think you forgot to put on deodorant? Well, the solution is to stash this mini quick-drying deodorant in your office-drawer for those emergencies. Just make sure your armpits are dry and odour-free before applying it.

Don’t skip lip day

Kiehl’s #1 lip balm is truly a saviour for dry lips. With its potent blend of nourishing ingredients, like squalane, aloe vera and vitamin E, it delivers the much-needed hydration your lips crave, regardless of the season. And the best part? It is compact enough to carry with you nine to five.

Reach for an eye cream

Late nights happen and sometimes you stumble into work still looking tired from a bad night’s sleep. That’s why you should leave an eye cream in your office drawer, so you can gently pat a pea-sized amount around your peepers when they feel heavy. It will instantly hydrate your under-eye skin, giving you a refreshed look.

Keep your hands moisturised

Hands are often overlooked when it comes to grooming, but depending on your job, you’ll probably use them quite a bit. So, no matter how rough your palms are, your hands could benefit from some TLC. This hand cream uses shea butter for maximum moisture so your next handshake will feel as smooth as your PowerPoint presentation.

Go easy on the cologne

When it comes to office-ready colognes, less is usually more. You might consider keeping a fragrance, such as this one from Boss, for a little savvy discretion. By applying it to the pulse points, you’ll emit a lasting scent that keeps you smelling great all day, without overpowering your colleagues. 

Tell us before you go, do you have a secret stash of grooming products in your work desk? 


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