Stay Fresh And Smelling Like A Dream With These Deodorants

Having a good deodorant or antiperspirant is an essential component in any man’s arsenal. It’s not only crucial for masking body odour, but it can also help control sweat and prevent serious pit stains. You should use a deodorant if you want to limit odour and smell fresh, and an antiperspirant if you want to reduce excessive sweating. Thankfully, our line-up of deodorants and antiperspirants for men will help eliminate bad smells and sweating. All you have to do is apply them daily after showering for the desired sweat-proofing effect. To further improve your fragrance game, check out our fragrance guide of the best colognes for men.

Here are our favourite deodorants for men right now

Deodorants for Men

Tabac Original Deodorant Roll-On

This gentle formula provides 24-hour protection against body odour to give you the confidence to conquer the day. It’s subtly laced with nuances of spices and aldehydic notes, meaning it will lay the perfect base for your eau de toilette or eau de cologne. After you add this reliable deodorant to your grooming routine, you’ll never look back.

Deodorants for Men

Kiehl’s Body Fuel Deodorant & Antiperspirant

This product guarantees to protect you from excessive sweat and odour for up to two days. It’s formulated with caffeine, vitamin C and zinc. It also glides on easily and dries quickly, while energising your pits with a fresh aroma.

Deodorants for Men

Dior Sauvage Spray Deodorant 

If scent is important to you, you’ll find this deodorant spray from Dior very appealing. It’s a luxury deodorant, so the price tag is going to be hefty. You might even find that you can skip wearing cologne when you wear this deodorant spray, saving time and money.

Deodorants for Men

Calvin Klein CK One Deo Stick

The Calvin Klein CK One perfumed deodorant stick is a great complement to the fragrance from the same collection. This solid deodorant prevents unpleasant perspiration effectively and takes care of sensitive skin under the arms. The result: smelling fresh and fragrant for hours.

Clarins Men Antiperspirant Deo Roll-On

The good thing is that Clarins approaches the problem of perspiration from a skincare-treatment perspective. So if you’re tired of using spray, give this roll-on with a hint of aloe a try. The non-sticky, alcohol-free formulation provides long-lasting odour control.

Nivea Deep Fragrance Spirit Body Spray

The Nivea Body Spray collection has been developed in partnership with fragrance experts to bring you 48-hour freshness. The spray has an exclusive, masculine scent made up of rich cedar wood and vanilla notes. And because it’s only R50, you can buy two and throw one in your gym bag.

Aramis 24hr High Performance Antiperspirant Spray

Attractive packaging, luxury scent and high-performance odour protection make the Aramis antiperspirant spray a must-have. This powerful formula does wonders for keeping even the sweatiest men dry and the 24-hour protection makes this option a no-brainer choice for any guy.

Tell us in the comments below, are deodorants or fragrances your go-to when it comes to smelling good?


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