The New Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau Contains Flowers And Water (And That’s it!)

Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau

In the late 90s, a star was born, and she has shone brightly ever since. Now, in 2022, she has been given a makeover and might just be the *dreamiest* version yet. I’m talking about Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau – the latest feminine fragrance launch from the international fashion and beauty giant.

Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau: a modern upgrade of a fan favourite

Did you know that the Dior J’adore range is over 20 years old? The first iteration of this popular scent hit the shelves in 1999. In 2004, the brand chose local legend and Hollywood starlet, Charlize Theron, as the face of this fragrance and she has been ever since. So it should come as no surprise that, yet again, this South African beauty plays the starring role in their 2022 campaign.

What’s changed (and what hasn’t)?

The main thing that sets Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau apart from its predecessors is the method by which the perfume is made. And unlike most formulas, this one is completely alcohol-free. Water alone is used to extract the essence from the blooms that make up this exquisite composition – a process that has been patented by Dior. 

This new scent is also made up of just six elements, all of which can be found in the garden. Aside from green notes, there are also notes of jasmine sambac, rose, honeysuckle, neroli and magnolia. This blend makes for a fresh yet warm white floral fragrance that is soft, sophisticated and seductive.

A lot about Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau, however, remains the same. One is the iconic curvy bottle, which is now an opalescent white paired with gold accents. Another is that it is simply a reinterpretation of the promise of pleasure, which it continues to give wearers in all of its forms.

This latest addition to the Dior J’adore family is fresh and innovative in every possible way. And one that definitely deserves a spot in your summer fragrance rotation.  

Will you be adding the new Dior J’adore Parfum d’Eau to your fragrance collection? Let us know in the comments below!


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