How To Build A Fragrance Wardrobe

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Building a fragrance wardrobe isn’t easy, but it is is smart

Building a fragrance collection – or a ‘fragrance wardrobe’ – is one of the most underrated and difficult things to do for a beginner.

Start your guaranteed compliment-getter collection with a scent from a signature range…. Try one that is Fruity like Carolina Herrera – Good Girl Parfum. Add a scent that is Fresh like Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme EDP. Complete your beginner’s collection with a signature Floral like Dior – Miss Dior.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Glam Parfum 2022

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Glam, R2 155 for 50ml

Smells Like: Sour cherry, sweet vanilla, fruity floral, with a woody and earthy dry-down.

Mrs Herrera hasn’t missed a beat since the launch of the original Good Girl back in 2016. Keeping the range’s iconic stiletto silhouette bottle, the luminosity of the red cherry fragrance is carried through into the shimmer of the bottle… B there’s nothing frivolous or light about this scent. It is deep, sensual sexy and intense. Add this to your ‘date night fragrances’ list.

The Good Girl Glam Cheat Sheet

  • Does it smell like the Original Good Girl scent? Not quite, but this is a parfum, whereas the rest of the range are EDP scents.

The original Good Girl is an intoxicating white-floral, whereas Good Girl Glam’s sour cherry notes make her fruitier and more playful. You will, however def vibe with this scent if you liked Very Good Girl. Key difference is that Good Girl Glam is a cherry take on fruitiness and a much woodier dry-down.

  • Is it like Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry?At a stretch, they’re more distant cousins than twins. Very Good Girl is lighter and more floral, while Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is woodier and spicier.

Interestingly, this scent has the same perfumer behind it as Maison Crivelli’s Hibiscus Mahajad and Parfums de Marly’s current cult-fav Delina Exclusif.

  • Good for us and good for the planet: The house of Herrera has pushed boundaries on sustainably-sourced ingredients by repurposing rose water and sustainably sourcing the vetiver ingredients.

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme EDP

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme, R1 645 for 50ml

Smells like: Rose-floral, fruity, sweet, green, fresh and woody.

Is it me or does the mention of this scent immediately conjure up images of a chiselled Gigi Hadid adorned in Versace Medusa jewels? Brace yourself – if you’re expecting a crisp, fresh, aquatic scent, based on the fragrance ad and bottle, you’re in for a surprise. Dylan Blue is light and fruity on first spritz, developing a more floral personality as it dries down. It rounds off with a woody, earthy green tonality, thanks to the combination of the styrax, patchouli, musk and wood ingredients in the base notes.

This makes for a fantastic gift. Why? The receiver will adore extravagant decorative bottle for their dresser, and the scent is such a non-polarizing and easy wear that’s most can totally into.

Miss Dior EDT

Miss Dior EDT Roller Pearl, R830 for 20ml

Life Hack: To keep up with many flankers of iconic brands, assign each scent a character from a show you’re watching. Example: Miss Dior meets the Kardashian-Jenner’s.

Miss Dior EDT as Kim Kardashian: Iconic, sensual and spicy. The defining quality of this flanker is the combination of patchouli and citrus, which give off an earthy woodiness combined with fresh white floral.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT, R2440 for 50ml

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT as Kendall Jenner: Delicate, fresh, soft-floral. A happy medium between the EDT and EDP scents echoing the EDT’s opening with citrus freshness. It then develops into a chorus of floral-fruity notes of rose and peach-apricot, all harmoniously chiming into a musky-powdery dry-down.


Miss Dior Roses ‘n Roses EDT

Miss Dior Roses ‘n Roses EDT, R830 for 20ml

Miss Dior Rose ‘n Roses EDT as Khloe Kardashian. Sparkling- floral with a tinge spiciness, full of personality. A perfect fit, if you adore the floral-femininity of Miss Dior, but want to dial down the sweet-fruitiness and trade it for spiciness. In that sense, Rose ‘n Roses is most similar to Blooming Bouquet. Instead of the latter’s sweet-fruitiness, we experience a spiciness delivered by geranium in the opening top note. We still get fresh, zesty citrus develops exquisitely to a rose middle note and a musky-powdery base.

I take having fun with scents very seriously – because understanding and appreciating fragrances should be accessible to everyone.


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