Ignite Your Passion With Si Passione Éclat De Parfum By Giorgio Armani

When it comes to passion, there isn’t a more expressive hue than a deep red, so before you know anything about Si Passione Éclat de parfum by Giorgio Armani, you know from it’s vibrant ruby-red bottle that it is filled with passion and fire. Here’s why you need to add this floral rose fragrance to your stock of perfumes.

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With top notes of blackcurrant accord and bergamot, heart notes of Centifolia and Damascena roses and base notes of white musk and vanilla infusions, Si Passione Éclat de parfum is, according to the brand, a “passion-infused bold and radiant perfume for women that encourages you to reveal your inner strength. A fragrance with a captivating invitation to light up your life with passion.” Umm, yes, please!

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The combination of bright blackcurrant with bergamot sustainably sourced from Calabria, Italy, and specially crafted for Giorgio Armani, gives the fragrance a lightness that can’t be matched by other scents.

In the heart of the fragrance, the Centifolia rose, handpicked in the Grasse region of France, imparts a soft powdery quality, while the Damascena rose, which is sourced through sustainable and responsible processes in Isparta, Turkey, shows off the flower’s feminine and characterful aspects.

Finally, at the base, white musk gives off a clean, soft and sensual quality, while a Madagascan vanilla infusion, sourced through a responsible and sustainable programme that aims to support local communities, gives the scent an enveloping effect that is both spicy and addictive.

Not just filled with passion, Si Passione Éclat de parfum is also filled with heart with a big emphasis being put on sourcing ingredients sustainably and responsibly so as to look after the environment and the communities where the ingredients are sourced.

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Want to get your hands on this floral rose scent? Shop it below. 

Hot tip: Purchase any Si Passione Intense 50ml or larger and receive a complimentary 7ml Si Passione Intense eau de parfum!

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