TikTok Trends: The Best Fragrance Hacks

Watch out Google – TikTok is fast becoming our go-to search engine for trending news, honest reviews and accurate recommendations, hacks and TikTok trends. Here’s The #OfficialPerfumePlug on the most helpful fragrance hacks that we’ve discovered on TikTok.

The Best TikTok Trends For Fragrance Hacks

Where you apply your scent determines how long it will last 

The heat from skin is what fully activates the scent – so spritzing clothes directly makes the scent last for a lot less longer. Spritzing the warmest spots of the body, called pulse points, makes the scent projection and longevity really come to life. Here’s where to find your pulse points: 

  • Either side of the back of your neck
  • Shoulders
  • Chest area
  • Wrists (Pro-tip: rubbing of the wrists is a no-no! It breaks down the scent and reduces its longevity)
  • Behind the knees                                                                                                                                                       

Bonus hack: Hair absorbs scent better than skin (who knew?!). Spritz a scent on your hairbrush before combing.

Skin Priming

Turns out, priming skin isn’t just for make-up application. Well-moisturised skin makes all the difference – applying petroleum jelly to the pulse-points before spritzing your fragrance can increase the scent’s longevity by hours.

Are you storing your scents correctly? 

I was today-years-old when I learnt that keeping fragrances in a bathroom reduces how strong the scent will be after some time due to the constant exposure to steam. Also avoid keeping that scent collection in spots with direct sunlight.

Top three safest compliment-getter scents to buy online without having tested 

This right here is called blind-buying and can be an extreme sport if you’re not super clued up on your go-to notes and ingredients. These three scents are not only safe to blind-buy, but also work well as gifts because, well, everybody loves them:

A money-saving hack to make all of the clothes in your closet smell like your fav signature scent

Spritz a few cotton balls, place them in your clothes drawers, and voila! All of your clothes will have soaked up the scent.

Layering fragrances isn’t as difficult as it sounds

Layering scents is a beautiful way to create your own personal and unique signature scent. But it can be quite difficult to master – and it can be quite a flop if two of the wrong scents are paired together. According to TikTok, the easiest and safest route is to find a common ingredient or note in two perfumes and layer those together. Avoid layering two heavy scents together – for example, two Oud fragrances – because the combination may be a little too much.

A great rose-scent layering suggestion:


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