Jo Malone London is the Scent of English Eccentricity. Here’s Why We Love It

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Ever since it first hit the shelves, Jo Malone London has been loved for its unexpected and playful scent combinations. Created by the brand’s namesake and launched to massive success in 1991, this line of fragrances, skincare and scented home products showcases English aromas and ingredients in a novel and exciting way.

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The Best of Britain

The brand is best known for igniting the revival of cologne – an old English staple that had fallen out of fashion. In later years, the cologne intense fragrances were added to the range to offer a stronger selection. This was followed by bath products, skincare, candles and diffusers, which allow you to bring the best of British scent profiles to your body and home. 

Much of the range is also unisex, with popular combinations including Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Earl Grey & Cucumber and Poppy & Barley. The brand often releases limited-edition scents and collaborates with artists to show off some of the UK’s best in design. One thing that’s guaranteed is that they are always interesting and unlike any mainstream perfume you’ve sniffed before!

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The Art of Scent Layering

Another thing that the brand is well known for is scent layering. As the name suggests, this refers to the art of wearing two or more fragrances together to create something unique and personal. Their colognes are designed with scent layering in mind – in fact, encouraged! – allowing the wearer to become the craftsperson behind their own bespoke signature scent.

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Firmly rooted in British culture, the brand brings the scent of the British Isles, from fragrant English gardens to the rugged coastline, into every collection they produce. And while some might seem unusual, they always hit the note (literally!). 


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