10 Travel-Friendly Grooming Tips To Make Going Away A Breeze

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, long-haul or short-haul flights can wreak havoc on your skin. Imagine coming out of the airport with your hair a mess, bags under your eyes and dry skin… That’s not a handsome sight. To make it easy on you, our travel-friendly grooming tips will keep you looking great even when you’re on the move.

The biggest hurdle to overcome when flying is the fact that South African hand luggage restrictions are very limited – you are allowed one small case per traveller (weighing no more than 7kg). If you’re travelling by car, chances are you won’t have a lot of boot space for your entire bathroom cabinet either. Luckily, our favourite brands are catching on to the importance of travel grooming and the key is to seek out products that handle multiple jobs. 

Want some more tips and the products to make travelling a breeze? Read on…

Our 10 Travel-Friendly Grooming Tips

Travel grooming tips for men

Tip #1: Keep your skin hydrated

Flying can sap your skin of moisture, so taking precautions to avoid dehydration is a pro move. Slap on a moisturiser before, during and after the flight. A moisturiser containing SPF can serve multiple uses as a moisturiser, after-shave balm and sun protection.

Tip #2: Clean your face before disembarking

Jet lag and a lack of sleep can result in hormonal imbalances that cause blotchiness and redness. To improve your complexion, use face wipes to remove dirt and excess oil. Don’t forget to re-moisturise while you’re at it.

Tip #3: Opt for calming ingredients

If you’ve ever cleaned your face with hotel soap, you’ll recall that tight, scratchy feeling that comes afterwards. Save your face with Origin’s travel-sized mild cleanser, which thoroughly washes your skin, keeping you looking fresh-faced all day long.

Travel grooming tips for men

Tip #4: Plan ahead for late nights

Your holiday will certainly entail at least one late night, with puffiness, inflammation and dark circles beneath your eyes occurring as a result. The solution? Pack an eye cream – it will improve circulation under your eyes.

Travel grooming tips for men

Tip #5: Invest in travel-sized kits

Packing can be stressful and so is finding travel-sized products. That’s why grooming brands have shrunk their finest wares into one dapper package. Our pick? Elemis’ Travel Collection spotlights their best-selling formulas in one bag.

Tip #6: Multi-purpose products save money and space

Opting for combo bottles will save you carry-on space on your next trip and they simplify your grooming routine. Just apply once and you’re out the door.

Tip #7: Cop the right deodorant

Our favourite pick for a deodorant on a plane is a solid stick. They are smaller and less bulky than spray-on deodorants, making them more space efficient, and there’s no chance of them leaking, like a roll-on.

Tip #8: Enter the travel-sized cologne

Big bottles take up luggage space, and there’s always a risk of breaking them, so toss a TSA-approved fragrance into your carry-on. This Tom Ford cologne has notes of black leather, violet leaves and cedarwood laced with a hint of green tobacco, which leaves a lasting impression.

Tip #9: Say goodbye to chapped lips

Lips are more sensitive to changes in air pressure, so have a lip balm on hand at all times. It not only moisturises dry lips, but also protects them from environmental harm.

Tip #10: Pack a mattifying moisturiser

Perfect for oily skin, this mattifying stick will guarantee no spills in your luggage while you’re on the go. This convenient, portable format is perfect for touch-ups at any time of the day.

What are your favourite go-to travel grooming products?


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