Game-Changing Setting Spray Tips To Finish Off Your Make-Up

Prolonging the wear of your make-up is essential if you’ve got an important event coming up. All it takes is a few spritzes of a trusted setting spray and you’re good to go. They contain formulas that keep your make-up ‘locked in’, regardless of the weather, making it an ideal product during both heat or rain. If you’re fed up with seeing your foundation migrate, try our fool-proof tips below to ensure it stays in place.

Tip #1

In order to get the best out of your setting spray, hold the bottle 15cm (half a ruler’s length) away from your face and spray. Two to three liberal spritzes should do the trick. 

Tip #2

Amp up your long-wear game by using the spray in between each make-up step. Yes, we know it’ll add on more time to your routine, but it’ll increase the longevity of your entire make-up look, so it’ll be worth it. 

Tip #3

It sounds obvious, but it’s a step often overlooked. Shake the bottle of your spray in order for the ingredients to mix together and create a budge-proof formula for your make-up.

Tip #4

Once you’ve done your final spritz post make-up, allow the product to dry naturally before venturing off. Use your hands to fan your face or buy a small hand-held fan.

Tip #5

There are different setting sprays for specific skin types. Most sprays provide the skin with intense hydration, while others are oil-free, but still give make-up hold. Be selective.

Tip #6

Remember to keep your eyes closed during each spritz, whether you use the spray between each make-up step or at the end as a final touch. Many products contain alcohol, which will sting the eyes.

Tip #7

If you’re using a lot of powder-based make-up formulas, a setting spray will become your bestie. It’ll make the pigment last and appear more skin-like.

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The Super Sprays:

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+
Benefit The POREfessional: Super Setter Setting Spray
Maybelline Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray 113ml
Catrice Prime And Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray 50ml
Clarins Fix' Make-up
Essence Keep It Perfect! Make-Up Fixing Spray

What’s your secret to keeping your make-up in place all day? Let us know in the comments below.


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