How To Fall In Love With Eyeliner Again

For some of us, using eyeliner is second nature; our inner artist comes out and drawing a line on the lids seems like a walk in the park. For others, the thought makes us tense up. And rightly so. The key behind eyeliner? Patience. Also, the more you practise, the better. We also suggest learning the shape of your eyes to see what eyeliner style suits you best. On the fence about this beauty tool? Here are five reasons to fall in love with eyeliner again.

Reason #1

It’s the festive season

Step out of your comfort zone a little. If you’re new to the world of eyeliner, this is a great opportunity to make your debut. Eyeliners also make excellent travel companions, taking up minimal space in your hand bag. Last-minute dinner date? Smudge on some eyeliner and gloss to take your look from day to night. No disrespect to the smokey eye, but it’s a lot less maintenance!

Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil

Reason #2

Mistakes are easily fixable… Just use micellar water

Despite their longwear application, eyeliners are easy to remove. Just make sure you have micellar water and a few cotton buds on standby to tidy up any mistakes.

Uriage Micellar Cleansing Water Normal to Dry Skin 250ml

Reason #3

There are different formulas to experiment with

Sisley Paris Phyto Khol Waterproof Eyeliner

Kohl/Khol: It has a creamy, crayon-like formula with a steady tip that is a must if you enjoy a smudged eyeliner look. Unlike eyeshadow that could dissipate throughout the day, a kohl eyeliner doesn’t budge. And it’s very easy to apply.

Clarins Phyto-Khol Perfect Eyeliner Pencil

Pencil: If you’re looking for a soft, blurred finish, choose an eyeliner pencil. It’s a lot more subtle than kohl and this one from Clarins comes with a little sponge to soften your look even more. Keep your pencil precise at all times by gently sharpening it regularly.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Gel: For those wanting a dramatic cat eye, this is the ideal liner. Use an eyeliner brush to draw a solid, steady line across your lids to create your desired look. Take note, this formula won’t move at all throughout the day (or night) – it has an eight-hour waterproof and sweat-proof formula that’s also resistant to humidity.

Revlon ColorStay Micro Easy Precision Liquid Liner

Liquid: We’re moving into the more advanced territory of the eyeliner world now, as liquid liners require a steady hand. Liquid liners allow you to draw any width of line, from thin to thick. The thicker you want to go, the more you’ll have to layer. Make sure you get a quick-drying formula with a glossy finish (like this one from Revlon), if you want to dabble in the liquid liner category. It’s a game changer!

Elizabeth Arden Bold Defining Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

Pen/Felt Tip: The most precise line of them all – the felt-tip liner resembles a koki pen with an extremely thin tip that allows you to create subtle lines, dramatic lines… Any line you want really, as long as it accentuates your eyes in the right way. Shaky hands? No problem. Try this – clench your toes as you apply the liner to your eyes. It works like a charm and helps with steadiness.

Reason #4

It’s an opportunity to play with colour

Black eyeliner is just the beginning and there are actually so many different hues to choose from. If bright colours speak to you more, try one of these…

Givenchy Khol Couture Waterproof Eyeliner in N3
MAC Bubble & Bows Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bottle Service
Inglot Amc Eyeliner Gel Blue

Reason #5

It will make your eyes pop

They’re the window to the soul, after all! If you’re over your eyeshadow and don’t enjoy a bold lip, then eyeliner is a great option. From the longwear to the colour choices, we’re sure you’ll find something to beautify your eyes.

Is eyeliner a part of your everyday look or only on special occasions? Let us know below!


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