Fame By Paco Rabanne Gives Glamour A Modern Makeover

When we talk about glamour, many think of the Old Hollywood variety and the iconic perfumes that dominated the era. With his latest offering, however, Paco Rabanne set out to create a scent that gives glamour a modern makeover. And he succeeded! From the unique combination of notes to the striking bottle design, it’s a fun and rebellious fragrance that will uplift any collection.

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Avant-garde luxury

Described as avant-garde luxury by the brand, the first thing you notice about this perfume is the bottle. It is based on the fashion designer’s iconic silver chainmail dress – once worn by actress Brigitte Bardot – and the figure is also accessorised with sunglasses and boots. This makes it an eye-catching addition to any fragrance wardrobe. 

It also has a unique blend of notes that sets it apart from your average mainstream fragrance. On top, there is juicy mango, in the middle is jasmine and resins and, at the base, sultry vanilla and incense. These come together to create a scent that is playful, sensual, empowering and a tribute to a new era of femininity.

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The aroma is not the only thing that makes this scent a great one. The formula is vegan friendly and made using ingredients that are 90% of natural origin. It is also sustainably produced. This further speaks to the brand’s modernity as they are clearly keeping conscious consumers in mind.

As for the face, actress Elle Fanning has been chosen as the ambassador for Fame. She is even wearing the chainmail dress in the campaign.

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She was selected because of her fresh, youthful looks and on-screen talent. According to the brand, she is “one of the most exciting young actors of her generation and embodies modern femininity”. She’s *almost* as beautiful as the bottle, too!

Does your fragrance collection need a touch of modern glamour? Get this fresh new scent online or at your nearest Edgars store.

Paco Rabanne Fame Eau de Parfum
Paco Rabanne Fame Eau de Parfum

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