5 Grooming Habits That’ll Make You Instantly More Attractive

What’s the secret to looking great? Following our impeccable grooming habits for men, of course. A solid skincare routine, nailing down your signature scent and keeping those unruly facial hairs in check are all essential steps in your grooming routine. Well, there is a little more to it, but the rule is to appear understated: be the man who looks after himself without going overboard. That means it pays to find the right products that work for your skin type, your hair and your body. From simple but effective skincare tips to finding your signature scent, these are grooming habits all men should have.

Adopt a solid skincare routine

A solid skincare routine is the secret weapon to looking suave and ageless. A good face wash, tinted moisturiser and sunscreen are the trifecta of handsome. So, lather up and shield your mug from the elements because a fresh face is always in fashion.

grooming habits for men
Clinique For Men Face Wash
grooming habits for men
Esteé Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Antioxidant Moisturiser SPF15

Get a good hair cut

A stylish haircut can make you go from “meh” to “wow” in no time. So, don’t be afraid to ask your barber for some expert advice on what cut would suit your face shape and hair type. And remember, regular visits and good hair products are the key to keeping that fresh look on point.

grooming habits for men
Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo
grooming habits for men
The Ordinary Multi Peptide Serum For Hair Density

Maintain your beard

A dapper-looking beard is always in style, so don’t let those unruly facial hairs ruin your suave look. Get yourself a top-notch beard trimmer and some nourishing beard oil to keep things in check. It’s a small price to pay for the confidence boost of a well-groomed mane.

Kiehl's Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil
ClarinsMen Shave + Beard Oil

Find a signature fragrance

Whether you’re a rugged outdoorsman or a city slicker, there’s a scent out there with your name on it. For example, you can go for something adventurous like Dior Sauvage or modern and charismatic like Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio Parfum. Typically, woody and spicy scents work well in the winter, while lighter, citrus-based notes are best for  summer. Whichever scent you choose, make sure it’s as unique as you are – after all, it’s your olfactory aura we’re talking about here.

Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette
Armani Acqua Di Gio Parfum

Take body grooming seriously

When we think of skincare, we tend to focus on our faces. After all, faces are usually the first thing people notice. But many common skin issues that affect our faces, like acne and dryness, can affect our bodies too. To achieve overall healthy skin, it’s essential to incorporate body care into your grooming routine. Start with a gentle scented body wash and a nourishing body moisturiser, and then consider adding additional products tailored to your specific skin needs.

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Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Lotion

Tell us in the comments, are your grooming habits a work in progress or have you got them nailed?


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