How To Apply Red Lipstick Like A Pro

What better way to continue to celebrate the month of love than by learning how to perfect an iconic red lip? Even if you’re not a romantic, treat it as an act of service to yourself, since knowing how to create this universally gorgeous look is a power move in the beauty world. Studies have shown that women donning red lipstick feel more confident and uplifted… So, let us help you pick yourself up!

First step: scrub (and hydrate)

It’s important to prep the canvas before you paint. In other words, remove dead skin cells by exfoliating your lips with a scrub and keep them hydrated, always, with a nourishing lip balm. Exfoliation needs to be done gently, two to three times a week, to keep them smooth and flake-free and you must use lip balm every day. You want to achieve optimum lip health before adding your rouge pout.

Essence Lip Care Sugar Scrub
Dior Addict Sugar Scrub 3.5g
La Mer Lip Balm

Second step: prime

If you want the colour of your red to pop and stay put all day long, use a lip primer on your lips beforehand. This one from Inglot contains all the good stuff, such as vitamin E, shea butter and cotton seed oil, to ensure that the lips are deeply nourished too.

Inglot Hold On Lip Primer

Third step: line

Now that your lips are prepped, grab your creamy lip liner and trace the outside shape of your lips. Draw along your natural lip line by starting at the top centre and bottom centre of your lips, working outwards. Lip liner gives your red lip definition and prevents feathering and any possible smudging.

Top tip: This can be your final step of your red lip, as you could use your lip liner to colour in your lips. Lip liners are known for their staying power and longevity.

Another top tip: Avoid using a lip liner on your eyes as an eye liner. The reason? Lip liners contain ingredients suited to the lips only, which can cause irritation in the eye area.

Estée Lauder Double Wear 24H Stay in Place Lip Liner

Fourth step: lipstick

Now that your lips are perfectly lined, choose a creamy matte lipstick that’s non-transferable. This one from MAC has a nourishing formula containing passionfruit oil that conditions the lips once applied. The rich, intense hue gives the lips vibrant colour and full coverage. Two swipes on the top and bottom lips are all you need to achieve your dream red lip.

Top tip: Clean up any mistakes by dipping an earbud into micellar water and gently wiping away any smudges.

MAC Locked Kiss 24hr Lipstick

Tell us, is red lipstick one of your go-to make-up products? Let us know in the comments section below.


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