Let Us Introduce You To Givenchy Gentleman Society Eau De Parfum Extreme

When we gaze at the Givenchy Gentleman scent collection, we’re reminded of a powerful group of men, each dressed in a perfectly tailored Givenchy suit. Each variant brings a unique element to the table with its blend of ingredients, meaning there’s a choice for every fragrance family preference. The last addition to the line-up was Givenchy’s Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum – a woody aromatic scent launched in 2023 – which added an even more dapper edge to the group.

The Givenchy Gentleman's Club

Now, we’re so excited to introduce you to an even bolder version – Givenchy Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum Extreme. Intrigued? We don’t blame you.

On That Note

When it comes to a new scent, it’s all about the notes, so let’s start from the top… As you spritz the fragrance, you’ll get an opening note combination of fresh, icy peppermint, clary sage and spicy nutmeg, which gives you that aromatic *twist*. 

Next, we venture into the heart of the EDP, which houses a very special note, the Gentleman Society Accord, which is famously blended with narcissus absolute, iris concrete and vetiver. Interestingly, a coffee extract absolute develops from this accord. When you pair the top note of peppermint and middle note of coffee, the texture of the scent becomes rich and full-bodied. 

The EDP eventually settles into a woody base consisting of sandal and cedar, which is intensified by patchouli essence and vanilla absolute. This wraps up the heady scent perfectly. To give you context, picture a strong iced coffee enveloped in a dark twist, topped with aromatic spices.


The Bottle

GG24 ROCK 16x9

A great perfume needs a truly great bottle and we can’t help but ogle at the new Extreme packaging. It’s an updated take on the regular EDP’s design, but still has the couture-like influence. You’ll notice that the 4G logo has a luxe, high-shine finish, which sits on a matte-black lacquer bottle. It’s also made from 15% post-consumer recycled glass, which we love for the environment. All in all, it’s a powerful new scent housed in a beautiful, bold bottle.

Want to get your hands on a bottle of this elegant fragrance? Shop it at Edgars…

Givenchy Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum Extreme

Will you be trying out this new Givenchy Gentleman Society scent? Let us know in the comments below!


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