Detox Your Skin With These Tips

Don’t be discouraged by the word detox. It’s just another way to say reboot, in this case, your skin for the upcoming months. During the holidays, our skin goes through the works – excessive amounts of sun exposure, sleep deprivation, unhealthy food, sometimes large amounts of alcohol and a neglected skin routine. Chances are you’ve also worn a lot of make-up and that could also be a reason your skin has been experiencing more breakouts than usual. But it’s okay. We all go through it.

Here are our favourite ways to re-energise and reboot our skin from top to toe. Make sure to add these to your 2024 resolution list (they’re also perfect excuses to unwind when life gets too busy).

Learn the art of double cleansing

If you’ve been going to bed without removing your make-up or wearing more make-up than usual over the past few weeks, double cleansing should be your go-to until your skin is back on track. It prevents clogged pores, possible breakouts and blemishes. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, this cleansing ritual is a must. Apply an oil-based cleanser to your dry skin in circular motions. Add some water to emulsify the oil cleanser, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Next, apply your water-based cleanser (aka micellar water) to damp skin and massage upwards, gently. Et voilà!

Clarins Total Cleansing Oil
Erborian Cleansing Water

Bathing ritual

If you’ve added exercise to your list of goals this year, it’s essential to soak your tired, achy muscles in a hot bath. It’ll help ease any tension your body has, assist with blood circulation and ensure that you’ll have a great night’s sleep. Use a fragrant bath product, such as Silk & Soak’s Pomegranate and Rose Foam Bath to set the mood. And light a candle or two. Thank us later.

Silk & Soak Pomegranate and Rose Foam Bath

Body buffer

There are heaps of benefits to exfoliating your body. It helps get rid of dead skin cells, which dull your complexion, rejuvenates the skin, smooths out rough texture, unclogs pores, prevents future blemishes and prevents ingrown hairs. It can also be regarded as a stress reliever, as it promotes blood circulation. Choose a body scrub with enriching properties, like Panier Des Sens’ Regenerating Honey Exfoliating Marseille Soap. It smells delicious too.

Panier Des Sens Regenerating Honey Exfoliating Marseille Soap 500ml

Embrace oil

Body oils are great to combat very dry skin. If you were on the beach or poolside this holiday and you’re experiencing peeling skin, apply a body oil after your bath or shower to help moisturise your skin. The Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil contains a potent mix of ingredients, such as sea fennel, sea buckthorn, juniper and lemon, that help with cellulite and overall body cleansing.

Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil

Get hands on

If you’ve noticed your hands feeling rough, dry or in need of some TLC, try a hand mask. Skin Republic’s Hand Repair has gloves that contain moisture-boosting collagen, vitamin E, shea butter and ten different plant extracts to get your hands looking in top shape. Regular use of this clever mask helps reduce age spots and provides your hands with sufficient nutrition.

Skin Republic Hand Repair

What is your number one detox tip for your skin? Let us know in the comments below.


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