Smell Like “Heaven” With Rihanna’s Best-Selling Fenty Eau De Parfum

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A fun fact about Rihanna: according to several Hollywood A-listers, she smells like literal “heaven”. And she even acknowledged the never-ending rumors about her allegedly smelling like “dreams and wishes coming true” in a hilarious montage video shared on her Twitter page back in 2021:

Little did we know this very video was *actually* a sneaky hint that a Fenty fragrance launch was on the horizon. 

fenty eau de parfum

Born in 2021, Fenty’s highly anticipated eau de parfum was originally a limited-edition online release. But due to the scent’s success and increasing demand for the coveted bottle, the Fenty Beauty team recently decided to pull an Oprah move, announcing the Fenty EDP as a permanent fixture, so YOU get a bottle! YOU get a bottle! EVERYBODY GETS A BOTTLLLLLLLE!

The notes

One word to describe this scent is versatile. “Designed by Rihanna for all people and all occasions,” it’s spicy, sweet, vibrant, smoky, and juicy all at the same time and delivers a truly unique sensorial experience for everyone. 

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fenty flower

“Fragrance is so personal – it represents something different and smells unique for each person. I’m excited to bring the Fenty Eau de Parfum experience in-store so that people can discover it in a new way,” says Rihanna.

Fruity and citrusy blueberry and tangerine form its top notes, with warm and woody rose and geranium accords at the center, which dominate throughout. And at the base are hints of musk and patchouli for an earthy, creamy and semi-sweet dry-down.

The bottle

Its minimalistic bottle design brings an element of harmony – merging a balance of “femininity and masculinity and modern and vintage” with its curved, hard-edged shape and universal amber-brown hue.

fenty bottle
fenty eau de parfum

“I wanted a rich colour that really represented all genders from all walks of life. Brown is my favourite colour. Brown is who I am. Brown is what I come from. If I’m going to make a fragrance that represents me, even the body language of the bottle needs to marry that. So, I wanted something brown, but also transparent – so you could see the liquid and the fragrance you’re about to experience.” – Rihanna

Why not treat yourself (or your bae!) to a bottle of Fenty Eau de Parfum – available NOW at Edgars stores or online at

Have you tried the Fenty EDP yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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