Thin Brows From Overplucking? Here’s How To Fake Them Full

Back in the 90s and spanning all the way through until the early 2000s, everyone plucked their eyebrows. In fact, it was considered weird if you didn’t. Years before this, in the 1930s, women drew thin and exaggerated ones – something that has become synonymous with the beauty looks of this era. Looking back, I think we can all agree that it was not a good look!

While skinny brows did make a *very brief* reappearance on magazine covers and catwalks a few years back…

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They fortunately didn’t stick around long enough to make it back into the mainstream! For many, though, the damage had already been done, and they have permanently thin brows thanks to overplucking. If yours have disappeared, or you just went a bit crazy during your last plucking session, here’s how to use make-up to fake your way to fuller eyebrows.


TIP #1: Choose your formula

There are plenty of different types of brow products on the market, most of which can help you achieve fuller-looking eyebrows. The most popular ones are inks, gels (both clear and tinted), pencils, powders and pomades. Pencils can offer beginners good control, while gels can set them in place.

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TIP #2: Select your shade

First, you need to find a shade that best suits your natural eyebrow hairs for a seamless finish. To identify yours, you need to take the depth of colour (which ranges from blonde to black), as well as your skin’s undertone (which can be warm or cool), into consideration.

TIP #3: Keep it natural

If you are using a pencil, ink or powder, be mindful of how you apply it so that you have a natural finish. Use the tip of a thin make-up brush to create thin, hair-like strokes that mimic your actual hairs. Leave a bit of visible skin in places so they don’t appear obviously drawn on.

TIP #4: Promote hair growth

Ideally, you probably want real hair to work with instead of drawing on fake ones! There are many products on the market designed for brows and lashes to promote hair growth. They contain a blend of skin-loving oils and growth factors and should be used as part of your daily skincare routine for best results.

Want to stock up on the best in brow products? Shop them online or at your nearest Edgars store.

Tom Ford Eyebrow Laminator
Tom Ford Eyebrow Laminator
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Brow Pencil
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Brow Pencil
Revlon ColorStay Brow Ink
Revlon ColorStay Brow Ink
Essence Brow Powder Set
Essence Brow Powder Set
Catrice Super Boost Lash & Brow Serum
Catrice Super Boost Lash & Brow Serum
Benefit Whoa So Soft Brow Oil
Benefit Whoa So Soft Brow Oil

Are you guilty of causing permanent damage to your brows from overplucking them? Let us know in the comments below.


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