The Beauty Products To Pack When Heading Out Into Nature


Summer is here and the pull to be outdoors is stronger than ever. The days are getting longer and all the popular walking spots are becoming busier. It’s the perfect excuse to gather some friends and get outdoors into the fresh air. Whether your idea of a good time is a hike up a mountain, a long, slow walk through a forest, a day exploring rock pools or a luxurious picnic in a field, it’s vital that you are prepared for your time out in nature.

There are a few essentials that you should never leave home without, including good walking shoes, plenty of water, snacks, a first-aid kit, a phone charger and a strong idea of where you’re actually headed, but there are also some beauty must-haves that will keep you safe and comfortable when you’re outdoors. Read our list below and make sure you stock up before you head out on your next adventure. 

On our must-have hitlist...


How meticulous is your sunscreen-application game? Choose a formula that absorbs into the skin and protects the face with no less than SPF 50. And apply it every 90 minutes. Don’t forget spots like the tips of your nose, ears, chin and back of your neck. These places are often neglected and prone to painful sunburn. We love this sunscreen by Elizabeth Arden because it’s snug enough to fit into your backpack without taking up too much room. Sharing is also caring – be sure to give some sunscreen to that one friend who forgets hers at home.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF50 PA+++

Our arms, shoulders and legs are bound to be exposed on those very sunny days, so be sure to smother yourself in SPF 50. This spritzer bottle also makes application a breeze – so don’t forget to reapply! 

Clarins Sun Care Body Oil SPF50

Facial Mist

If you’re feeling hot and bothered, a refreshing facial mist is the best way to cool down. It soothes irritated, inflamed skin too with its healing properties. Once used, it helps to strengthen the barrier of the skin and ups hydration levels for up to eight hours at a time. It’s safe for sensitive skin and can also be safely used on the eye area.

Uriage Thermal Water Spray 150ml

Lip Balm

Our lips need to be constantly protected from environmental elements such as wind, sun and extreme cold temperatures. Coat your lips in a balm that’ll preserve its moisture and prevent them from cracking and getting sunburnt. Remember to reapply, and don’t lick your lips if they feel dry – stick to your balm instead.

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

Facial Wipes

Facial wipes are the best multi-purpose product you can have in your backpack or bag. They can refresh your face and body by removing sweat, clean a wound, get rid of dirt and act like a bandage if you’re in a bit of a pickle. If you’re on the move with babies or younger kids, they’re a necessity. Thank us later.

NIVEA Refreshing Wipes 25s

After Sun

If you missed a spot when applying your sunscreen, keep some after sun on standby. This one from Dior contains 94% natural origin ingredients, which replenish the skin with lost moisture, while soothing at the same time. It has a fresh, balm-like texture which leaves you feeling like you’re on a deserted, tropical island.

Dior Solar The After Sun Balm

What’s your number one essential beauty product when heading out into nature? Let us know in the comments below.


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