Highlighter Isn’t Just For Cheekbones! Here’s Where Else To Apply It


Highlighter has become a beauty staple in many make-up collections. They are designed to accentuate the high planes of your face, such as your cheekbones, and make them pop. When used with bronzer to pick up shadows, you can “sculpt” your face and make it appear more angular.

Recently, however, people have been applying this popular product to other parts of their faces to give them a glowy, luminescent look. Here’s where else you can apply this shimmery product…

On your eyes

Not just a dab in the corners of our eyes anymore, one of the most popular Gen Z beauty trends is highlighted eyes. This can be done over your favourite eyeshadow or on bare eyelids to give them a glimmer. Many different shades and finishes can work on your eyes, including ones with visible glitter pieces.

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On your nails

It’s out with flat, matte nail finishes and in with all things metallic! Highlighted nails are also having a moment and are the easiest way to bring some shine to your beauty look. Look for polishes or top coats with pearlescent or frosted finishes to make your manicures more shimmery and ethereal.

On your lips

Did you know that adding a dab of highlighter to the centre of your bottom lip can make it appear more plump? Applying some on your Cupid’s bow can also accentuate and define the shape of your lips. You can also use lip gloss with a shimmering formula for hydration and shine.

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On your shoulders

During the warm summer months, we all tend to show off a little more skin. Not just limited to use on our faces, you can also sweep some shimmer onto your collar bones to make them appear more pronounced and angular. You can also use a body lotion that contains glitter particles.

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