Meet The Latest Addition To The Flora Fantasy Collection: Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia

In 2022, the first fragrance in the Gucci Flora collection was launched – the popular Gorgeous Jasmine perfume. This was soon joined by the next variant, Gorgeous Gardenia. The latest member to join the family is Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia and it’s *perfect* to add to your spring/summer fragrance rotation.

A floral fantasy

The first two scents in the Gucci Flora range – of which edgy Miley Cyrus (and her mullet) is the face – were both instant hits. And it appears that the newest one is also going to be a popular choice during the upcoming sunny seasons.

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According to the brand, this eau de parfum was inspired by and created with free-spirited women in mind. They wanted to create a fragrance that celebrates the confidence and inner strength of the fairer sex. It combines accords in an unexpected but complimentary way and is centred around the ancient and rare Magnolia Alba flower.

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But what other notes can you expect to smell in this perfume? Sweet dewberry and tropical coconut at the top, magnolia, jasmine and clary sage in the middle, and musk, patchouli and blonde woods at the base. These come together to create a magnolia scent that stands out from the rest.

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Beautiful aroma aside, the packaging of this fragrance – which is a stunning lavender with a gold lid – will be a great addition to any shelf or perfume collection. And with the inside being as good as the outside, there’s no reason not to make this your signature scent for this spring and summer.

Want to add the latest addition to the Flora Fantasy collection to your fragrance wardrobe? Shop it online or at your nearest Edgars store.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia Eau de Parfum
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia Eau de Parfum

Have you had a chance to take a whiff of this dreamy new scent? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


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