6 Winter-Approved Skin Products To Keep You Hydrated

Winter-Approved Moisturisers

Just like changing your wardrobe in winter, switching up your skincare routine is a very smart move. While you don’t need to overhaul your entire skincare regimen, now’s the right time to introduce some winter-approved skin products and moisturisers to tackle dry skin during the cold season. Yes, gents, your skin gets drier this time of year because of the cold air and lack of humidity. Whenever it gets colder, your hands will chap, your lips will crack and your complexion will appear dull and rough. 

The chilling bite of the weather, combined with the harsh effects of indoor heating, draws moisture away from the skin, and winter can make even skin that doesn’t normally suffer from dryness feel irritated, red and cracked. Not an ideal recipe for looking your best this winter. 

So, what makes a good winter-approved moisturiser? Instead of lightweight gels and thin lotions, go for heavier, richer creams. Aside from a thicker texture, you’ll also want to think about the components. Look for creams with humectants, which draw water to the top layer of your skin, preventing flakiness and cracking. Aloe vera, shea butter, glycerine and hyaluronic acid are a few examples. 

Remember: using sunscreen every day is a good idea, since UVA rays are a year-round concern for skin ageing and cancer. Here are six winter-approved skin products and moisturisers we recommend to help you glide through the season looking fresh.

Winter-Approved Moisturisers

The face mask

Okay, so here’s a cool product: a face and beard cleanser infused with cactus extract that can also be used as a face mask. To activate the masking effect, keep the product on your skin for a minute – it will transform dry, dull skin instantly.

Winter-Approved Moisturisers

The anti-ageing effect

This is the type of face cream your ageing skin is probably craving right now. It contains a host of good-for-the-skin extracts to tackle fine lines and dry skin. Best of all, it’s widely available in stores and online.

Winter-Approved Moisturisers

The all-purpose moisturiser

This multi-purpose moisturiser is suitable for both the face and the body. It’s an affordable grooming essential designed to protect the skin’s natural barrier and seal in moisture within seconds.

Winter-Approved Moisturisers

The lasting lip balm

Keeping a lip balm on hand to provide your lips with much-needed moisture in winter is a pro move. So this matte-finish lip balm is a no-brainer. It contains aloe vera and squalane to smooth and soften dry lips no matter how cold it gets outside.

The night cream

Use this night cream that’s packed with superfoods to hydrate your skin while you sleep. Thanks to a protective prebiotic and a concentrated mixture of superfoods, your skin will glow when you wake up. This product includes barley, quinoa and sweet almond milk.

The SPF moisturiser 

While we often associate sunscreen with warmer weather, proper sun protection is essential year-round. Swap your go-to face cream for a moisturiser with an SPF to keep your skin protected from UVA damaging rays.

Tell us in the comments, do you update your skin routine for winter?


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