PSA: Use A Setting Powder To Keep Your Make-Up Looking Flawless

The role of a setting powder is simple: it’s a secret step to ensure flawless, effortless, perfect-looking make-up. Think: no creases, fine lines, excess shine or imperfections – just gorgeous skin. 

Of course, it is another step in your routine, but, in our opinion, if you’ve got the time, do it. It could be the solution you’ve been searching for for keeping your foundation looking seamles. FYI: A setting powder needs to be applied after your foundation and concealer, but before your blush or bronzer. Combining wet (foundation/concealer) and dry (setting powder) make-up products is a game changer, as they bond together, creating a long-lasting effect. You can apply setting powder anywhere on your face, such as your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin, to achieve your dream finish and keep shine at bay. 

If we’ve managed to convince you to join the setting powder tribe, these are the products that get our nod of approval… (Don’t worry, we’ve got you erm… Covered!)

Best For… Matte Finish + Touch-Ups

No need to feel alone if you have an oily skin type. The Clarins Ever Matte Compact Powder will be able to keep your shine under control without creating a harsh, matte texture that most mattifying powders tend to do. Instead, it’ll give the skin a luminous, soft-looking finish. Minus the shine. The magic ingredient responsible? Organic strawberry tree extract combined with infused peach milk. It nourishes the skin while reducing oil production, allowing the skin to also simultaneously breathe. Keep this cute compact in your bag to allow for easy touch-ups throughout the day, if need be. The coverage is buildable enough, which is an added bonus.

Clarins Ever Matte Compact Powder

Best For… A Radiant Finish

This is for the glow-getters who want a radiant finish and to achieve ultimate luminosity. Apply the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Setting Powder as you would apply a highlighter to enhance your skin tone and accentuate your bone structure. The formula is so velvety soft that you can easily apply it to your entire face for an even finish to set your foundation. We love that it also contains vitamin E to give the skin extra protection and nourishment. It’s quite sheer and doesn’t cake at all, making it a must for those who want a lightweight textured setting powder.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Setting Powder

Best For… The Pocket

Who doesn’t love value for their buck? This product is perfect for testing the setting powder waters – and it’s so easy to use. Maybelline’s Translucent Lasting Fix Setting Loose Powder suits all skin tones because of its sheer, colourless formula and takes the pressure off when having to find your perfect shade. If you feel like you overdid it with the setting powder, use a big fluffy brush to buff away the excess. Remember, powder works better on oilier skin types, instead of those who have dry skin.

Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Loose Powder Translucent

Best… Splurge

Isn’t it the most beautiful compact you’ve ever seen? The packaging of the Dior Diorskin Forever Cushion Loose Powder doesn’t disappoint. This travel-friendly, couture-cased loose powder is infused with water and pansy extract, which improves the quality of your complexion. Although it gives the skin a matte finish, the skin is left velvety and soft – not powdery like you’d expect. Once applied, it leaves the skin with a silky veil, resembling a glow. So, if you’re after a product that gives you a luminous-looking complexion, wrapped in a stylish, quilted case, we’re all for this splurge.

Dior Diorskin Forever Cushion Loose Powder

Best For… Under Eyes 

If you’re susceptible to fine lines and creases under your eyes because of concealer, consider this product your new little secret. The Revlon Colorstay Blot Setting Powder is a non-chalky formula with zero parabens, phthalates or mineral oil to give your under eyes a flawless, youthful-looking appearance. It mattifies the surface so that the creaminess of your concealer doesn’t merge and grab onto your mascara or eyeliner, stopping any possibility of racoon eyes in its tracks. It doesn’t cake either. To use, simply buff the powder on your face using circular motions, beginning at your T-zone and then working outwards, including your under-eye area and cheekbones.

Revlon Colorstay Blot Setting Powder

Do you include setting powders in your make-up routine? Let us know below.


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