Make-Up Brushes 101: Everything You Need To Know

We know… Shopping for make-up brushes can seem a tad overwhelming. But just remember: they’re there to make make-up application easier, so they’re worth wrapping your head around. A good first step is to consider what make-up you wear the most so you know which brushes you need to buy. Are you a foundation gal? Do you love a smokey eye? What about a bold statement lip? If you’re a fan of sculpting your face using trusted contouring techniques, then brushes are a must. 

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list, these are the things to take into consideration when buying new brushes. Bear in mind that make-up brushes are usually a long-term investment, so splurging a little on your purchases is acceptable. You want the quality of your brushes to be high. The bristles also need to be soft enough on your skin. If they’re hard and prone to fall out, it’s a definite no. The next time you’re browsing for brushes, keep these ones in mind. 

  1. The Foundation Brush

This brush is designed specifically for those who wear liquid foundation. The tapered, flat bristles allow you to apply your foundation quickly and effectively on your skin. Although soft to the touch and easy on the skin, these synthetic bristles need to be washed every seven to ten days, as this brush will hold and absorb a lot of product. The white tip at the end of this brush will give you an indication of that. The best way to wash your make-up brushes is by using a gentle clarifying shampoo in a bowl of lukewarm (take note – not hot) water. Lather each brush in the shampoo and gently massage the tip of the brush on the palm of your hand to avoid any damage. Leave them to dry in a place that has natural sunlight.

Sisley Paris Fluid Foundation Brush

2. The Sculpting Brush

If you’re in the mood for creating some dimension on your face, then opt for a brush like this. The Fenty Beauty Face Shaping Brush 125 is perfect for enhancing your cheekbones, making them more chiseled and defined. This rounded, angled brush works well with cream and powder formulas – we suggest trying out highlighters, bronzers and different blushes to achieve your desired look. When using any product, remember to tap off the excess, never blow. The last thing you want to do is waste your make-up.

Fenty Beauty Face Shaping Brush 125

3. The Blush Brush

Luxe, soft and super easy to use, this Bobbi Brown Blush Brush was designed to apply the perfect amount of blush onto the apples of the cheeks with just a few sweeps. The round shape of the brush allows the pigment to be evenly distributed along your cheekbones. We love this brush because of its fluffiness and the way it feels when you use it on your skin. A fluffy brush also means less blush absorption, which is great because you don’t want to overdo it. Our tip for applying blush? Use the ‘3’ method – start on your forehead, then across to the cheekbones and then down to your jawline. This brush also works beautifully with bronzer. Try it out.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

4. The Eyeshadow Brushes

Wait – before you say that these two eyeshadow brushes look identical, look a little closer. Do you notice that one is rounder and pointier and the other is flatter? In order for a more opaque finish with your eyeshadow look, use the brush on the left for initial application. Press the pigment into the eyelid and then blend. Use the brush on the right for a second wash of colour and then blend. If you usually blend eyeshadow with your fingers, try an eyeshadow brush. We guarantee that the application will be smoother and less messy. 

Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Smudging/Blending Brush N23
Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Shader Brush N21

5. The Lip Brush

Are you an avid lipstick wearer who wants her lippy to last longer without having to constantly reapply? Try a lip brush. They’re more precise than lipstick bullets and allow you to create the desired shape of your lips. The bristles of this lip brush are strong and the head is compact, which means minimal product wastage. A lip brush means you can create your own custom lip shade too, which we love. Simply take the lip brush and apply lipstick to it as though you’re dipping a paintbrush into paint. Then apply your lipstick evenly to your lips.

MAC 316 Lip Brush

Which make-up brush do you feel is the most splurge-worthy? Let us know below.


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