The Ultimate List Of Affordable Colognes For Men 

affordable colognes for men

There are many reasons to wear cologne. Sometimes you need a subtle scent that invites people to lean in closer and sometimes you just want to cover up your natural scent. All of the time, however, you want to leave a lasting impression. But what you don’t really want is to always spend a fortune on colognes, right? What if we told you that you can still smell great without breaking the bank? It’s true! Edgars has a plethora of affordable colognes for men. Right now, you can find sophisticated and designer colognes for under R800 from brands like Calvin Klein and Nautica. Read on for the colognes to shop to update your fragrance wardrobe. 

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Here is the release of the latest addition to David Beckham’s Instinct line – Bold Instinct Eau de Toilette. It’s a seductively masculine cologne, but a bit more mature than its predecessor. The heady mix of pineapple, nutmeg and patchouli is an olfactive link to memorable times.  

Affordable Colognes for Men

Not every fragrance should be spicy. This light and sporty cologne from Nautica is perfect for after the gym or during the day when you need a pick-me-up. It has a zesty and clean scent that you can wear every day. Application strategy is important: four spritzes, tops.

Affordable Colognes for Men

Antonio Banderas makes good cologne, and one of his most recent colognes, The Icon, has a significant edge. This scent smells way more expensive than it is. So if you like to smell fresh and confident all day long, this is your go-to guy.

This everyday men’s cologne from Tommy Hilfiger is a woody fragrance harvested from the American landscape. You’ll have the same cool, crisp feeling as if you were wearing a classic button-down shirt. It’s ideal for spring or summer, or even at the end of winter, as a reminder of the season ahead.

This version of CK Everyone is a clean, green, citrus fragrance, with a genderless appeal. The scent plays heavily on sustainability, making it Calvin Klein’s first ‘clean’ fragrance. Its vegan formulation is sourced from naturally derived alcohol and natural ingredients. Smelling good can now also mean feeling good. 

Supreme Desire Eau de Toilette by Ted Lapidus evokes the sensations of a night out. It has an aromatic, spicy cocktail of gin and sage sipped in an exotic rosewood forest to arouse the senses. Use it sparingly, but purposefully, and, most importantly, when you want to make a lasting impact.

Diesel Only The Brave woody scent is confidence in a bottle. The modern dose of leather adds a seductive element that is impossible to ignore. Just a few sprays stays on your skin nearly all day and demands attention no matter where you are. It’s also one of the top affordable colognes for men to buy right now. 

Joop! Homme is a statement scent because of its distinct crisp notes and it’s instantly identifiable. It lends a vibrant air without overpowering the room, but still lasts for hours on your skin. It’s the ultimate versatile scent – equally appropriate to wear during the day or at night.

When purchasing cologne, how much are you willing to spend?


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