Introducing The Eight Scents Of Boss The Collection

Boss The Collection has introduced eight unique eau de parfums inspired by iconic pieces in the modern man’s wardrobe – the crisp white shirt, the iconic leather jacket and more. It’s a line-up of high-quality fragrances with a sartorial spin. With the same skill of a tailor, each of the eight essential scents has been meticulously crafted and captured in sleek, luxurious glass bottles. The result: wearable, masculine scents for men that go from crisp and light to rich and sensuous, striking a unique balance between classic and contemporary. 

Here are the eight scents…

Boss The Collection Daring Saffiano

Boss The Collection Daring Saffiano Eau De Parfum

Main Accord: Leathery 

Daring Saffiano explores the powerful contrast between an urban note of leather and the thrill of geranium leaves. A bold fragrance exuding the masculine confidence of an iconic leather jacket. 


Boss The Collection Elegant Vetiver

Boss The Collection Elegant Vetiver

Main Accord: Woody 

The fragrance replicates the pure pleasure of stepping into a perfectly crafted made-to-measure suit – the pinnacle of a classic man’s wardrobe. The scent reawakens the timeless elegance of vetiver with an unexpected pistachio accent.


Boss The Collection Bold Incense

Boss The Collection Bold Incense

Main Accord: Fruity Oriental

The scent is inspired by the essential suede jacket with the perfect dose of audaciousness and style. Smoky notes of frankincense are twisted with a hint of exuberant, ultra-modern plum.


Hugo Boss The Collection Magnetic Musk

Hugo Boss The Collection Magnetic Musk

Main Accord: Oriental Musky 

Magnetic Musk perfume for men captures the velvety elegance of a long cashmere coat and its sleek interior. The infinite warmth of musk and the refinement of sage combine for a fluid, satiny effect, and a silken trail that caresses as it envelops.

Boss The Collection Energetic Fougere

Boss The Collection Energetic Fougère

Main Accord: Aromatic Fougère 

This is inspired by the classic suit of the Boss Travel Line made of breathable, dimensionally stable stretch fabric. Energetic Fougère promises a perfect silhouette. Artemisia brings aromatic freshness to a smooth and creamy sandalwood base, like a fabric that never wrinkles.

Boss The Collection Energetic Fougere

Hugo Boss The Collection Noble Wood

Main Accord: Woody

Noble Wood draws on the finesse of a cashmere knit to embody the essence of modern masculinity. A distinguished oak wood, as dashing as a cashmere sweater, is emphasised with a vintage whiskey accord.

Boss The Collection Boss Vigorous Cologne

Boss The Collection Vigorous Cologne

Main Accord: Citrus Woody 

A woody citrus fragrance for the slim-fit look. Vigorous Cologne is inspired by the classic, immaculate white shirt: a symbol of timeless style. The bright, invigorating freshness of bergamot is amplified by woody patchouli, adding body and character to this perfume fragrance.

Boss The Collection Confident Oud

Main Accord: Spicy Woody 

Confident Oud reimagines the red-carpet tuxedo – Oud in all its grandeur. The perfume represents the ultimate in refinement, reinterpreting charismatic oud with a generous bran accord.

Tell us in the comments, which Boss The Collection parfum are you excited to try first?


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