The Top 6 Oud Scents for Eid 

Did you know that oud or oudh is one of the world’s most expensive raw fragrance ingredients? Oud, also known as agarwood, is known for its enveloping warmth and long-lasting power. The rich, fragrant wood, inspired by Middle Eastern culture, is burned as incense in many homes, especially on Eid. Oud will always be a unique and desirable fragrance for men to wear. The rich, earthy aromas and sweet, sensual and spicy undertones will linger on your skin or in your home for hours. Indulge in the woody scents of leather and spices and treat yourself or spoil someone special with one of our luxurious oud scents. And what if you want to expand your fragrance horizons? Check out our fragrance roundup of the best men’s fragrances to buy right now.

Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones.

Shop 6 Of The Best-Smelling Oud Scents

Oud Scents for Men

Herrera Confidential True Oud Eau de Parfum

True Oud Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera pays homage to the Middle Eastern art of fragrance layering. The precious Oud is traditionally burned during ceremonies and special occasions with family and friends. This unisex fragrance delves into the lesser-known aspects of oud – its floral characteristics – by combining sustainably grown oud with ten other responsibly produced accords to recreate the same nuances as oud incense.

Oud Scents for Men

Tom Ford Oud Wood Body Spray

This invigorating all-over body spray is lightly scented with oud wood, adding a new dimension and refreshingly cool way to wear this Tom Ford fragrance. You can layer the body spray over your oud wood eau de parfum or wear it on its own. The body spray is designed with 360 spray technology, which allows it to be ergonomically sprayed sideways, upside down and in any direction on neck, arms, legs and torso.

Oud Scents for Men

Jo Malone London Velvet Rose & Oud Diffuser

This sleek and elegant diffuser uses expertly developed fragrance oils to diffuse the scent of darkest Damask Rose – famed for its floral allure. Bring this magnetic and voluptuous fragrance into your home for an opulent stream of continuous scent. We recommend using all 10 reeds for optimum fragrance diffusion.

Oud Scents for Men

Molton Brown Oudh Accord & Gold Body Lotion

This is the perfect choice if you want your skin to smell like deep, mysterious wood aromas from the East. The rich oudh, myrrh and cinnamon leaf in this mesmerising body lotion will give you a sense of luxury. It’s the ideal layering partner for any oud cologne.

Oud Scents for Men

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Scented Candle

You can create a hypnotic trail of warm cinnamon, spicy-citrus elemi and heady oudh in each room of your home. This mesmerising oudh accord and gold scented candle creates a truly opulent atmosphere, leaving a memorable scent trail for your family and friends to enjoy.

Oud Scents for Men

Versace Oud Noir

This scent was created for fans of oriental fragrances and is intended to be worn by a man with a strong personality. Bitter orange’s zesty notes combine well with the fresh and sparkling scents of neroli and vibrant black pepper. A burning and remarkable heart is created by spicy cardamom and saffron, enriched by resinous olibanum notes. Finally, intense dark oud, one of the finest ingredients of perfumery craftsmanship, breathes life into the fragrance. Can anyone deny the lingering effect of a truly exquisite scent?

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