Everything You Need For A Long-Weekend Pamper Party

Planning on a staycation this long weekend? Then this one’s for you. We’re going to help you achieve utter bliss mode over the next few days by creating your very own spa at home. It’s easy: simply gather your most pamper-friendly body products, throw in your favourite book, a glass of wine, a scented candle, some calming music and you’re good to go. Perhaps organise a playdate for the kids to ensure some absolute peace and quiet. You deserve the time out – it’s been a busy, busy year so far.

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1. Bath Oil

Bath time needs to be a feast for the senses and we know that this bath oil will tick all those boxes for your pamper party. Molton Brown’s Jasmine & Sun Rose Exquisite Bathing Oil truly lives up to its name with its enchantingly exquisite scent. Here’s the note line-up: raspberry, peach, bergamot, jasmine, rose, patchouli and musk. It’ll also leave your skin feeling silky soft. Here’s our top tip – pour the bath oil into your hands, close your eyes and deeply inhale. It’ll set the mood for your entire at-home spa experience.

Molton Brown London Jasmine & Sun Rose Exquisite Bathing Oil

2. Scented Candle

If we had to describe the scent of Jo Malone London’s Red Roses scented candle, it would be like walking into the freshest, most fragrant garden of roses you’ve ever experienced. With a dash of bright lemon to add a citrusy zest. This candle’s scent will take full control of any room, especially a bathroom, when creating your tranquil home spa. Candles are known to calm and set the ambience for a relaxing day ahead and this one from Jo Malone London won’t disappoint. 

Jo Malone London Red Roses Scented Candle

3. Body Oil

We want to make sure your skin receives the VIP treatment. Apply the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil once you’ve towel-dried your skin after your bath. Make sure your skin is slightly damp, as this will help keep your skin moisturised for longer. Don’t forget your nails and the ends of your hair – this oil is suited for those areas too. If you have sore muscles, massage the designated area with this oil to ease the pain. It works like a charm. Plus, the scent is heavenly. You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

4. Body Lotion

Once you’ve applied your body oil and waited for it to absorb, choose a fragrant, luxe body moisturiser to finish off your signature body treatment. The Sisley Paris Izia Moisturizing Body Lotion resembles the gorgeous Izia perfume with notes of white bergamot, pink pepper, cedar, musks and rose d’Ornano accord. This body lotion is lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily, leaving no residue, just a mesmerising scent.

Sisley Paris Izia Moisturizing Body Lotion

5. Lip Butter

We love the texture of Essence’s Lip Care Booster Lip Butter – it’s enriched with 10% coconut oil and adds intense nourishment and softeness to your lips. We’re sure you’ve noticed the cooler weather approaching, so this will be a lifesaver for cracked lips. Apply this lip butter to your lips once you get out the bath to lock in moisture.

Essence Lip Care Booster Lip Butter

6. Hand Treatment

The hands are always forgotten about, but not in this at-home spa! Jo Malone London’s Vitamin E Hand Treatment may seem familiar to some who’ve experienced the Taste Bar at a Jo Malone London counter. It’s applied as the last step when fragrance layering. This luxurious hand cream treats the hands with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps with dryness, irritation and healing the skin. Smother your hands in this delightful treatment and enjoy the wafts of cassis and pomelo scents throughout the day.

Jo Malone London Vitamin E Hand Treatment

What are your plans for the long weekend ahead? Let us know how you’re going to pamper yourself in the comments below!


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