The Lushest Lipliners To Up Your Lip Game

Do you use a lipliner? Skipping this step in your make-up routine could be the reason your lipstick is only lasting until your first cup of coffee. Lipliners, much like concealers and primers, are one of the best multitasking products in your make-up bag. They’re there to create extra precision, prevent your lipstick from bleeding and create a fuller pout. Did you know? You can ditch lipstick altogether and colour your lips with your lipliner alone. Just make sure your lips are properly exfoliated and hydrated to avoid added dryness. Read on for more lipliner tricks!

Our Tips For Lipliner Success…

Sharpen up: Like eyeliner pencils, lipliner pencils need to be sharpened regularly to give you the best precision when applying. Ge gentle, though, and sharpen slowly. The last thing you want to do is damage your brand-spanking-new lippy.

Buff it: If you want to use your lipliner as a substitute for your lipstick and fill in your entire lip, exfoliate your lips with a gentle lip scrub to buff away any dead skin cells. This will make your lipliner last longer and give it a flawless, even finish. 

Moisturise: Lip balms and lip butters need to become your new best friends. Keep your lips moisturised every day to help the longevity of your lipliner. Moisturised lips also make the pigment of your lipliner even bolder.

Add volume: Thin lips? That’s what lipliners are for! To add extra va-va-voom, line your lips with a lipliner one shade darker than your natural lip colour. Gently blend inwards towards the lips and focus on your cupid’s bow to add extra definition. Fuller-looking lips have never been this easy.

Play with colour: Lipliners are the perfect excuse to dabble with different colours. Tired of your usual nude? Swap it for a bold red. Over your taupe? Try a can’t-miss coral. Lipstick bullets don’t have the sharp precision and colour intensity of a lipliner, so, why not try a different tone?

Find your match: For touch-up purposes, match your favourite lipstick with the perfect lipliner. This will save you heaps of time if you’re in a rush or don’t have the steadiest hand. That being said, have an earbud with micellar water on standby when reapplying any product to your lips.

Soften up: Once you’ve freshly sharpened your lipliner, soften the tip by drawing one or two squiggle lines on your hand. This helps a lot with sensitive lips and warms up the product.

X marks the spot: Everyone has their own method when it comes to lipliner application, but we find this one most effective: Start off with an x, marking off the highest points of your cupid’s bow, and work down, lining each side of your top lip. Mimic this motion on your bottom lip. Then add your lipstick and blot.

Add some gloss: A small dot of sheer gloss on the bottom lip is a must for even extra volume.

These are the lipliners that get our stamp of approval:

Best red:

Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Red

Best nude:

MAC Ramadan Lip Pencil in Soar

Best matte finish:

Essence 8h Matte Comfort Lipliner in Dark Berry

Best for plumping:

Catrice Plumping Lip Liner in Queen Vibes

Best for waterproof:

Givenchy Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil in Framboise Velours

Best for longevity:

Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner in Sienna

Tell us: Do you use a lipliner everyday? If so, what’s your go-to shade?


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