Meet The Latest Anti-Ageing Miracle – The La Mer Concentrate Collection

The La Mer brand is undoubtedly a pioneer in the skincare industry. It all started when Dr Max Huber, an aerospace physicist, suffered a horrific facial accident in his lab. Due to his burns, he set out on a quest to create a product that could heal severe wounds. Inspired by the healing powers of the sea and astrology, Dr Huber created the one-of-a-kind Miracle Broth™ that we all know and love today. The latest range that it’s added its powers to is the La Mer Concentrate collection. 

Introducing... The Concentrate Collection

La Mer The Concentrate

If you’re looking for a product to strengthen your skin barrier and calm inflammation, the La Mer Concentrate is a step in the right direction. Each day, we expose our skin to harmful environmental elements, such as pollution, wind, excessive heat, extreme cold, cigarette smoke and heaps more. The Concentrate contains a concentrated form of the potent Miracle Broth™ along with powerful antioxidants to protect your skin.

Application technique: Add a pea-sized amount of the velvety serum onto your hands with the product wand. Gently press The Concentrate into your face until it’s absorbed. Next, apply your chosen La Mer moisturiser.

How often you should use The Concentrate: Apply it morning and night on freshly cleansed skin. 

La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Dark circles and lines under the eye area are a way of life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we need to live with them. La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate is your go-to for instant brightness under your peepers. It contains super antioxidant Lime Tea Concentrate, which prevents further damage to the delicate area, along with extra hydration and healing ingredients.

Application technique: Pop half a pea-sized amount of The Eye Concentrate onto the wand and massage it directly onto your under-eye area. Use a gentle, consistent pressure to enhance circulation.

How often you should use The Eye Concentrate: Twice a day in conjunction with The Concentrate for extra efficacy.

La Mer Crème De La Mer The Moisturizing Face Cream

This is without a doubt the best moisturiser one can use for extremely dry skin. La Mer’s Crème De La Mer The Moisturizing Face Cream does it all: it lightens fine lines and wrinkles, thoroughly nourishes the skin and moisturises, soothes and heals, all thanks to the one-of-a-kind Miracle Broth ingredient.

Application technique: A little goes a long way with La Mer’s Crème De La Mer The Moisturizing Face Cream and in order to reap the benefits of the Miracle Broth (and more), remove a small amount of the moisturiser from the pot and heat it up between your fingertips until the product becomes clear. Then, gently press it into your skin. Don’t forget your neck area.

How often you should use the La Mer’s Crème De La Mer The Moisturizing Face Cream: Use this product in the morning and before bedtime, on freshly cleansed skin.

La Mer The Neck And Decollete Concentrate

Add some lift and extra hydration to your neckline with La Mer’s lavish Neck & Decolette Concentrate. Thanks to the powerful Miracle Broth™, the skin area on your decollete will strengthen and become firmer.

Application technique: Smooth the balm onto your neck area gently with the brush, using upward motions.

How often you should use The Neck & Decollete Concentrate: Twice a day, each morning and evening.

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La Mer The Soothing Concentrate Collection

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