Time To Glow: The Best Body Skincare Tips For Summer

Taking care of the skin on your body shouldn’t be a chore. It’s a necessity. Luckily, if you use the right products, it’s the best excuse for a self-care sesh. And… Good news: Glowing skin is easily achievable. All it takes is daily effort, the correct amount of prep and listening to your skin’s needs.

Let’s start with the some basic body skincare tips…


It seems straightforward, but daily application of a body cream or body lotion to the skin is essential in achieving a glow. Creams and lotions also have heaps of benefits. They replenish the skin’s moisture levels, protect from any dryness, fix super-dry spots on the skin and smell oh-so good. Choose a body cream that contains hydrating, nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and almond-oil extract.

Hydration tip: Don’t neglect areas such as knees, elbows, ankles, boobs and feet when applying your body cream.

NIVEA Body Rich Nourishing Moisturiser Lotion

Opt for an oil

Body oils are a game-changer when moisturising your skin. They provide quick, intense, long-lasting hydration and are known to improve the skin’s texture. The key is to choose one with a fast-absorption formula that sinks into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Body oils containing detoxing ingredients, such as lemon and juniper, are great for summer months to give the skin a refreshing cleanse. It’s a fantastic massage agent too, which helps relax sore muscles and encourage lymph drainage.

Oil Tip: For maximum hydration, apply the body oil to your body first, wait for it to absorb and then apply a thin layer of your body moisturiser. This works wonders after long days in the sun, sea or pool as it replenishes the skin.

Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil

Buff away

Sloughing away dead skin cells helps your moisturiser absorb quicker, gets rid of unwanted dead skin cells and is the number one secret to smooth (looking and feeling) skin. Exfoliating your body isn’t necessary every day though, so don’t fret.

Buff Tip: Scrub your skin gently in a circular motion for no more than 30 seconds at a time. Exfoliating also stimulates the blood flow, which could lead to sensitivity.

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Clarins Tonic Sugar Polisher

Faux glow

Jump-start your tan with a self-tanner. In order for your faux glow to show, it’s important to exfoliate and keep your skin hydrated. On the day you first apply your self-tanner, your skin needs to be dry in order for the product to hold properly. Exfoliating and moisturising beforehand preps the skin.

Tan tip: Wash your hands as soon as you’ve applied your self-tan to avoid staining. Choose a product that includes a tanning mitt to help with an even, streak-free application.

Sisley Paris Self Tanning Hydrating Body Skin Care

Hair today

Our hair goes through so much during the summer. Use a hair oil two to three times a week to protect, nourish and prevent further damage. 

Hair tip: Apply this hair oil to dry and damp hair, from mid-lengths to ends. Apply the excess oil to your cuticles for extra nourishment.

Sisley Paris Precious Hair Care Oil

What’s your secret to glowing summer skin? Tell us in the comments!


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