Calvin Klein Everyone Really Is For Everyone

CK Everyone

If you’re old enough to remember the unisex hit from the nineties, CK One, then you might get a whiff of nostalgia with Calvin Klein Everyone. It’s a clean, ethereal fragrance that smells like a breath of fresh air. Like the brand’s underwear, the premise of this fragrance is that it’s not bound to a specific gender.

If you think about it, smells don’t have a gender. Sure, you may prefer woody and spicy notes over florals, but that’s a personal choice. That’s why a collection of genderless fragrances is an exciting prospect and it’s thanks to brands like Calvin Klein that we have gender-neutral fragrances that leave a lasting impression on everyone. From the transparent bottle to the juice, CK Everyone will leave you wanting more.  

Master perfumer and creator of the iconic CK ONE fragrance Alberto Morillas crafted CK Everyone. This eau de toilette is infused with ingredients derived from natural origins, making it the brand’s first clean, gender-free and environmentally conscious fragrance. The woody-floral composition features uplifting, zesty, organic orange essential oil and ginger. The heart features a blue tea accord and the warm and sensual base of cedarwood and patchouli brings the scent to new heights. The perfectly balanced scent is fresh and sweet, with a provocative edge. CK Everyone is marketed as a bold fragrance for every generation, inspired by the authentic and youthful-minded. 

The CK Everyone bottle and packaging are created from recycled materials to honour the purity and simplicity of the fragrance. It’s packaged in a glass bottle that contains 10% post-consumer recycled materials and a folding carton that contains 30% post-consumer recycled materials, and the glass bottle can be recycled, thanks to its unique detachable-pump design. The branded elastic band on the bottle can be removed and reused as an armband or in a variety of other ways. The fragrance also doesn’t contain any ingredients that are animal derived or identified as an animal by-product – which means it’s vegan – and 79% of the ingredients in this fragrance are naturally derived. 

The fresh, clean, citrusy bouquet makes this an excellent everyday scent. Spray the cologne onto dry skin, right after your shower – the shower cleanses your body of any other scents and opens your pores. Spray a small amount onto your pulse points, holding the bottle about 15cm away from your neck, and let the scent do its magic. Go on, treat yourself. 

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