Tips For How To Wear Your Boss Bottled Fragrance

Boss Bottled eau de toilette is the flagship fragrance by Hugo Boss. Created more than twenty years ago, it’s become a staple fragrance for men. But it doesn’t stop there, Hugo Boss has been making some of the finest fragrances for men of all time and has a collection of lasting colognes under the Boss Bottled line. These range from high-end bottles to wear on special occasions to that classic office scent that makes you smell like a boss. What’s great is that these fragrances won’t set you back financially – their affordability makes it easy to build up your own collection of fragrances without having to limit yourself. Read on for tips on how to wear your fragrance. 

Less is more

It is not ideal to shower yourself in a fragrance – two or three spritzes will suffice. And you want to go sparingly when choosing a signature scent like Boss Bottled eau de toilette. This fragrance combines elegance and style. It’s also subtle enough to leave your mark without overpowering anyone close to you.

Your scent should suit the occasion

It is very important to choose the right scent for the right occasion. For instance, dinner dates or corporate events demand the sophistication of Boss Bottled eau de parfum or Boss Bottled Night eau de toilette. These fragrances have enough lasting power to stay with the Boss man throughout evening.

Apply your cologne with finesse

Do not go crazy by spritzing the scent all over your clothes. The only areas you need to apply your fragrance are your pulse points (click here for our handy guide). Spritz the Boss Bottled Infinite eau de parfum behind your earlobes, on your palms and the right and left side of your neck. You’ll be surrounded by the energising and sensual perfume that combines the freshness of citrus and the intensity of aromatic, woody notes.

Choose your fragrance wisely

If you aren’t confident enough to buy a fragrance by yourself, ask for help from the sales consultant at any Edgars counter. They are clued up and can steer you in the right direction. The best advice we can give you is to select a fragrance that enhances your personality. Boss Bottled parfum is a woody-ambery scent with a noble heart of orris concrete and fig tree root accord that plays well with any personality type.

Match Your Scent to Your Outfit

Fragrances are the accessory that can tie an outfit together. Just as certain outfits are created for specific events, the same can be said about fragrances. For example, Boss Bottled Tonic eau de toilette is airy and fresh, just like a crisp white linen shirt you’ll wear in summer. So don’t treat your fragrance as an after-thought, take time to choose the perfect one to complement your outfit for the day. 

Boss Bottled notes decoded…

Boss Bottled

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