Here’s Exactly Why You Need A Face Mist In Your Make-Up Bag

Face mists may be the miracle skincare product you have been missing in your make-up arsenal. They’re a necessary step in any skincare routine, but they also offer an instant hit of hydration during a stressful workday. Welcome to your full face-mist guide. 

What are the benefits of a facial mist?

Packed with endless benefits, face mists are particularly famous for their refreshing, cooling and soothing properties. They are also known to improve your mood – with just a few refreshing pumps, you are left feeling instantly uplifted by the smell and feeling. Many face mists are also packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and some even contain ingredients that block blue light and environmental pollutants that can clog up skin.

" Glowing skin is always in."

When do I use a face mist?

Hydration is the key here. We all love a hit of hydration because our skin instantly brightens and glows. But did you know there are many other benefits to adding a face mist to your skincare routine, and it depends on the time of day you add the spritz?

  1. When you wake up: Some face mists contain essential oils, such as orange peel, which can wake and hydrate you, setting you up for a mood-boosting serotonin hit.
  2. Before your moisturiser: Your skin can more effectively absorb whatever you apply next if you add a splash of hydration first. Additionally, you should use a face mist twice a day since you should moisturise morning and night.
  3. Refresh your make-up: A spritz of a face mist is one of the easiest ways to set your make-up, as well as give it a dewy look between the office and a night out. 
  4. Post workout: Yesss! You killed it at the gym! Need an instant refresh? A face mist will give you the hydration hit your flushed face needs. 

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3 iconic face mists you need:

La Mer Face Mist
Elemis face mist

La Mer The Mist 

Formulated with marine botanical extracts to instantly refresh and awaken, a spritz of this revitalising treatment helps skin feel energised and revived on contact. A live internal magnet helps continually charge the ingredients for optimal results.

Elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist

Feed your skin with this super hydrating 4-in-1 treatment mist fortified with antioxidant-rich superfoods for a fresh and dewy complexion. It balances and tones with vegan-friendly kefir ferment, brightens with organic rooibos tea extract and is rich in antioxidants for a radiant, healthy-looking glow. Lastly, coconut water replenishes essential moisture. 

Dior Forever Perfect Fix Mist

Dior Forever Perfect Fix is the first Dior triple-action face mist: it has lasting wear, sets make-up and delivers instant hydration, all in a single step. Concentrated in water and enriched with wild pansy flower, this face mist provides the skin with hydration and beneficial freshness.


Setting and priming your skin is a vital step in your make-up application checklist. It ensures your skin is ready and prepped for whatever the day may hold. These are three of the make-up setting face mists that will have you glowing and hydrated all day.

revlon setting mist
Givenchy face mist

Lancôme Fix It Forget It Up To 24H Makeup Setting Mist

Revlon Colorstay Lock Setting Mist

Givenchy Prisme Libre Prep & Set Glow Mist

Have you ever used a facial mist? Let us know in the comments below!


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