Dopamine Beauty Is Guaranteed To Boost Your Look And Mood

dopamine beauty

This spring/summer, we are bringing all the fun back into make-up. Bold, bright shades are making an appearance, and we can’t get enough – not just of the lewks, but of the instant mood lift they bring. It’s time to say hello to dopamine beauty – the make-up trend that promises to make you happy. After the last two years of the barely there, “clean girl” aesthetic that’s been flooding TikTok and social media pages, we are ready to welcome this bold-faced beauty look with open arms. 

bold beauty
dopamine makeup

What is dopamine beauty?

Dopamine beauty, or “dopamine glam”, as Beyoncé’s make-up artist Sir John refers to it, is all about using colourful, bright and fun make-up looks to give your mood an instant lift. And the more colour, the better. But what is it that makes us feel so good in bold and bright shades? Time for a quick science lesson. Dopamine is the hormone that is released in our bodies when we feel a sense of tremendous joy and happiness. And, yup, you guessed it, surrounding yourself with bright colour can encourage the release of this happy hormone too. So, what started as dopamine dressing – cloaking yourself in colourful, happy fabrics – has shimmied its way into our make-up looks and we’re cracking open those neon eyeshadow palettes and choosing our rosiest blushers.

This beauty trend is focused specifically on eyes, lips and cheeks. Here’s how to do the dopamine beauty trend with your lips…

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The bold and the beautiful

As someone who truly believes a bold lip can fix any of the day’s problems, this is a fun way to add a pop of something special to your look. Adding a neon-orange eyeshadow might be something you have to work yourself up to, but slicking on a bright lip colour is easy and you can choose your happiest colour – pink, purple, red? The world is your oyster! And don’t forget, as well as giving your happy hormones a surge, a bold lip can also give you a boost of confidence so you can crush that new client pitch, ace that interview or even smash that workout. 

Revlon’s got you covered when it comes to a bold lip colour with major staying power. The powerfully formulated Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Lipcolors are a must-have in your beauty arsenal. These 16-hour longwear lip colours are made to take you from brunch meetings to after-work drinks. Plus, they’re non-sticky and made with blackcurrant seed oil, so there won’t be any dry lips tripping you up!

Want to give dopamine beauty a try? Choose your favourite Revlon lip colour below and shop at Edgars online or at your nearest Edgars store. 


Will you be trying the dopamine make-up trend this season? Let us know your favourite bold shade in the comments below!


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