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national brow day

Our brows have seen quite the transformation over the last few decades. And with National Brow Day having just passed, we thought we’d celebrate the humble eyebrow in all its glory. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see the most iconic eyebrow shapes and how you can also do your brows like a boss.  

Let’s take a look at the evolution of brows:

1920s – Very thin with a downward-slanted arch In an era of silent films, this style of brow was used to showcase expressions even more when on film.

1930s – Strong and full arched brows The downward slant gave way to a more consistent expressive look with fuller and more defined arches. 

1940s – Bold and natural brows Less heaviness with the eyebrow pencil was used for a more natural brow.

1950s – Arched and pointed brows The glitz and glam of this era saw the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe using more make-up and enjoying over-emphasised brows.

1960s – Small and very neat brows A shifting focus from eyebrows to lashes happened in the 1960s, and this is when eyebrows took an understated and neat back seat.

1970s – Thin with a high expressive arch Flower power influenced bold and bright eyeshadows. The eyes remained the focal point with colourful eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner.

1980s – Thick and bold The thicker, the better. Big curly hairstyles and bold make-up meant this was the era of going big or going home.

1990s – Thin and light Hollywood turned the “bigger is better” movement of the 80s on its head, showcasing refined, thinner eyebrows.

2000s – Barely there brows Thin and over-plucked are the key words here! A thin line, often drawn on with a brow pencil, was the Y2K must-have look.

2010s – Natural brow After many brows were harmed in the Y2K trend, the revival of the natural fluffy brow returned (thank goodness).

Our Brows today…

2020s – Finding the right shape for you 

We are constantly being inundated with new information about beauty and skincare because of social media. Thanks to lockdown, many of us are self-proclaimed skincare therapists. We know what suits our skin tones, but do we know what shape our eyebrows should have in order to complement our looks? Here is a quick guide, according to your face shape:

Round or oval face shape: Try a longer brow with an intentional arch to help lengthen the appearance of your face.

Rectangular face shape: A shorter, flat brow may help a longer face appear shorter.

Heart or square face: If you have a face with defined lines, such as high-cut cheekbones or a prominent jawline, rounded eyebrows can help add a softer feature to your face.

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So you have the shape you need, step up to the virtual Edgars Beauty counter for the products to add to your brow arsenal:

Precisely My Brow Booster
benefit highlighter
ColorStay Brow Ink - Soft Brown Ink

The Precisely My Brow Booster is Benefit’s number-one bestselling brow pencil. This precision pencil pair draws on natural-looking hair-like strokes for ultra-defined, budge-proof brows that last for up to 12 hours.

Givenchy’s Mister Brow Groom is a non-sticky, long-wearing, sheer setting gel that disciplines eyebrows and adapts to their natural shape to structure the eye area thanks to the precision of its curved brush, for intuitive, instantaneous application.

The High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter from Benefit is the instant brow lift you have been wanting! This creamy eyebrow highlighter accentuates arches for brighter, boosted and younger-looking eyes. Ideal for all skin tones, the natural-looking linen-pink pencil glides onto brow bones and blends in like a dream.

Revlon’s ColorStay Brow Ink is the first-to-market semi-permanent brow technology with three days of wear that creates natural-looking, fuller and defined salon brow looks at home with ease. It’s an alternative to brow tinting, lamination, and microblading. Waterproof, transfer-proof, smudge-proof – what more could you need?

"I may not be perfect but my brows are."

national brow day
makeup 2


Before you go, tell us which eyebrow product you need in your make-up bag and why.


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