PSA: It’s Time To Spring-Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere and that means we’re digging into our closets and pulling out those floral prints and that summery home decor in anticipation of warmer weather. As you set your sights on decluttering and spring-cleaning your home, don’t forget about one of the most important products you should be cleaning way more regularly than you may think: your make-up brushes. You spend so much time and money on your skincare, it’s important not to forget to spring-clean your make-up brushes if you want a flawless complexion. 

Here are 6 reasons you should be spring-cleaning your make-up brushes on a weekly basis

1. Your pores can get clogged up with dirt and grime from your brushes.

2. Make-up brushes, especially when shared, can cause infection and pimples. Make sure you are cleaning them to properly get rid of any dead skin cells, oil, pollution, and bacteria.

3. Your make-up will be applied more smoothly with clean brushes. 

4. The bristles will become more abrasive when dirty, which means you could irritate the skin and cause aggravation. 

5. Clean make-up brushes evenly disperse product, which means you won’t be wasting a drop.

6. Dirty make-up brushes can actually cause more lines and wrinkles! “Dirty make-up brushes can expose the skin to oxidative stress from free radicals, which causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin and can result in premature ageing,” explains Dr. Palmer.

spring clean
makeup brushes

Here are 6 steps to perfectly clean your make-up brushes, plus the best products to help you do it

1. Rinse your make-up brushes under lukewarm running water to remove any residual make-up that has been building up. Only rinse the bristles, as submerging the whole brush head can begin to dissolve the glue that connects the brush head to the handle.

2. Fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and a tablespoon of gentle brush-cleaning shampoo. Using soap and water can dry out the brush’s bristles.

I recommend using these make-up-brush cleanser products:

Blendercleanser Solid Unscented Sponge & Brush Cleanser
Blendercleanser Solid Lavender Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser
Blendercleanser Liquid Lavender Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser

Blendercleanser Solid Unscented Sponge & Brush Cleanser

Blendercleanser Solid Lavender Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser

Blendercleanser Liquid Lavender Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser

3. Make sure each of the brush’s bristles is submerged and allow them to soak. For a good lather, you can also massage each brush tip in the palm of your hand, in a swirling motion.

4. Rinse the brush tips under lukewarm running water until the water runs clear.

5. Squeeze out any excess moisture with a clean, dry paper towel. Do not rub the brushes vigorously to dry, as this will damage the bristles. 

6. Lay your make-up brushes flat on a dry towel overnight. Do not dry your brushes upright in a container, as this will cause the water to run down the brushes, loosening the glue that connects the brush head with the handle. Allow them to air-dry overnight.  

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Product Top Pick:

Blendercleanser Blender Defender Case

Consider this silicone case the perfect partner for your beautyblender® sponge. Inspired by the interlocking sides of a pill capsule, this portable holder makes storing or carrying your beautyblender on-the-go easy, while protecting it from grime and germs. Better yet, the shatterproof, flexible capsule can hold up to two damp beautyblenders. The innovative design also allows for ventilation so sponges can dry properly.”

Before you go, tell us your make-up cleaning tips in the comments.

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