David Beckham’s Amber Breeze Smells Like The Perfect Sunset

David Beckham Amber Breeze

Inspired by golden-hour moments and one-of-a-kind adventures, Amber Breeze is the newest fragrance by David Beckham.

David Beckham needs no introduction. What he needs is another thumbs up for expanding his collection of scents with a personally curated line of unforgettable parfums. The former football player launched a fragrance collection in partnership with Coty, featuring three eau de parfums inspired by his own travels and experiences, Aromatic Greens, Infinite Aqua, Refined Woods, and the latest edition Amber Breeze. Each scent takes you on a unique sensory journey and celebrates the craft of artisanal perfumery at affordable price points.

David Beckham Amber Breeze

David Beckham’s fragrances are renowned for their olfactory signature of freshness and aromatic notes. Building on this legacy, Amber Breeze opens with a radiant fusion of zesty bergamot and rosemary with a spicy hit of black pepper. In the heart, a soft, herbaceous bouquet of lavender and rose notes intertwined with clary sage creates a clean, masculine elegance. In contrast to this freshness, the warm, woody dry-down offers earthy notes of patchouli, vetiver and roasted tonka bean. 

Amber Breeze is presented in a timeless, minimalist-style bottle which not only reflects the concept of the scents but also Beckham’s personal style. The clean lines of the rounded flask are enhanced by the crisp, white, square label. The high-quality glass bottle is finished with a striking black cap, adding an air of understated luxury. The glistening amber-coloured juice inside not only reflects the scent’s spicy freshness but is also reminiscent of glowing sunsets. As a finishing touch of elegance, Amber Breeze is housed in a textured beige patterned carton with contrasting black edging.

The fragrance continues David’s journey by capturing the uplifting feelings of joy, freedom and optimism experienced at the perfect end to a beautiful day. Designed for evening wear and special occasions, this eau de parfum is David’s personal invitation to enjoy the night and hit the open road again tomorrow. Beckham says, “When creating Amber Breeze I wanted to capture that special moment at the end of a day on the beach, when the golden-hour sun falls and gives everything a warm, soft glow. It is such a calm moment and special time, which reminds me of wonderful holidays with family and friends.” We’re loving the sound of that.

The David Beckham eau de parfums also include: Infinite Aqua, an aromatic watery scent inspired by a drive along the Pacific Coast highway and the sheer expansiveness of the ocean. Aromatic Greens is a woody green fragrance that encapsulates the serenity amongst nature’s vibrant beauty, like a verdant countryside. Refined Woods, an amber woody composition, is built around iconic perfumery ingredients that transport you to exotic places. The entire eau de parfums collection exudes refined luxury and is available in 100ml bottles online or in store at Edgars.co.zaOn a good day, an EDP should last up to six hours or more if you follow our fragrance guide to make your scent last longer.

Tell us, which David Beckham eau de perfume are you adding to your collection?



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