Paco Rabanne FAME: The Fragrance Every It-Girl Will Be Wearing This Season

Paco Rabanne FAME

Summer’s here, which means it’s time to substitute our rich and moody ouds for fresher and more cheerful scents. Nostalgia and escapism are two prominent themes that have emerged post-pandemic, and we saw these trickle down into the beauty sector as well – particularly in the fragrance category. Transportive scents are now EVERYWHERE as more brands leverage scent memories with travel-inspired compositions and contemporary (and Gen Z-friendly) takes on classic creations. One brand that is “bridging past and present and reimagining their iconic DNA for a whole new generation” is Paco Rabanne.

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Paco Rabanne FAME
Paco Rabanne FAME Elle Fanning

FAME – the newest addition to their fragrance family – is an ultra-glam and modern reincarnation of the Paco Rabanne woman. It’s feminine, fresh, fun and sensual, and what better celeb to bring onboard as the official face than Miss Elle Fanning, who is the epitome of young, fab, and carefree.

The scent story

FAME is the ultimate cool-girl fragrance – a showstopper that greets a room before you do. Taking inspiration from feminine icons like Jane Fonda, Audrey Hepburn, and Brigitte Bardot, FAME is described as a future classic and one MAJOR ego booster. 

Whipped up by pioneering perfumers Dora Baghriche, Marie Salamagne, Alberto Morillas, and Fabrice Pellegrin, three hero ingredients you’ll find in this luxurious blend include:


Paco Rabanne FAME

Sourced from Grasse in the French Riviera, jasmine acts as the star of the composition and successfully captures the overall essence of the scent.


Paco Rabanne FAME

Sustainably sourced from Somaliland, incense adds a sexy smokiness that is softened and balanced by delicate and creamy notes of vanilla and sandalwood.


Paco Rabanne FAME

Succulent mango accords add a unique and surprising twist. This delicious and addictive burst of fruitiness makes this the perfect perfume cocktail for summer days and nights.

And we have to talk about its vanity-desk-worthy bottle design!

Paco Rabanne FAME
Paco Rabanne FAME

Every. Single. Detail. On this bottle carries significant meaning and incorporates some of the brand’s most famous codes. The FAME bottle reprises the style of the classic Paco Rabanne girl from her metal-plated dress, the designer’s signature textile, to her bold metal earrings for some added edge, and her ultra-mod cat-eye sunglasses, a staple accessory for classic and contemporary it-girls.

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Tell us in the comments, what are your go-to summer fragrance notes?


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