Coach Open Road Will Quench Your Thirst For Adventure 

Coach Open Road is a new fragrance for men, inspired by road trips across America.

There’s something to be said about a man wearing a great scent. Your choice of fragrance is an introduction to the type of man you are and, more importantly, who you want to be. If that man is adventurous and free-spirited, then the new fragrance, Coach Open Road, may just be the eau de toilette for you. 

Coach is a leading American brand of modern designs and luxury accessories. However, over recent years, one of their ultimate accessories has become their fragrances. And now Coach introduces their newest fragrance release: Open Road eau de toilette for men. The scent encapsulates a sense of adventure, while also being an ode to the great outdoors. This aromatic cologne in a stylish glass bottle will surely become an everyday staple in your grooming arsenal.

Created by the master perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault, the story behind Open Road for men stems from a passion for American road trips. This new eau de toilette opens with invigorating notes of sparkling lemon and juicy red apple, followed by an energising pinch of spicy sichuan pepper to add that refreshing boost to the scent. Lavender and clary sage will just enhance your sense of being in the great outdoors with your buddies on a road trip. There are a lot of vibrant notes introduced in this new fragrance and it does make one yearn for an adventure. Focusing on friendship and road trips, the campaign reminds us that the best part about any trip is the journey and not always the destination. In our opinion, it’s a timeless fragrance in the making. If you want some extra staying power, use this guide to make your fragrance last all day. 

Open Road eau de toilette is designed in a transparent bottle, clearly showing the blue-grey juice that echoes the American West Coast landscape. It is topped by a grey metal cap inspired by the House’s iconic turnlock details and engraved with a C at the base – the design house’s iconic emblem.

Coach Open Road is available at Edgars stores nationwide and on starting in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

3 Coach Fragrances for Men Worth The Splurge

Coach Man EDT opens with fruitful hints of green nashi pear, kumquat, bergamot citrus, and lavender. It’s subtle and perfect for a day in the office or even a casual evening with your buddies.

Coach Cologne Platinum EDP is a woody, aromatic scent with a fresh spicy blend. The bottle is equally edgy, and it works well when worn during the day or night. The effect is intriguing and compellingly addictive. 

Inspired by open roads and blue skies, Coach Blue EDT for men offers a vibrant and invigorating olfactory experience. If a fresh woody fragrance floats your boat, then this has to be your choice for summer.

Tell us below, which is your favourite Coach for men fragrance?


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