Jimmy Choo Man Aqua: An Ode To Summer

Summer is a time of freshness, so pick Jimmy Choo’s new fragrance and make a lasting impression.

Have you ever walked into a room, smelled someone’s cologne and thought, ‘man, that smells refreshing’? That’s the fragrance memory Jimmy Choo Man Aqua will leave behind. It’s a quintessential downtime cologne for men and it doesn’t shy away from smelling like an actual beach, thanks to the aromatic aquatic notes. It’s the perfect summer scent for men. Here’s why…

What Jimmy Choo Man Aqua smells like…

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua eau de toilette is an aromatic marine fragrance that will instantly lift your mood. Perfumers Paul Guerlain and Julien Rasquinet have managed to capture the scent of the ocean, which leads your mind straight to summertime. Opening the bottle, you’ll get a whiff of the stimulating spiciness of cardamom spiked with bitter grapefruit. The eau de toilette’s heart consists of icy geranium and clary sage, maintaining the overall freshness. The base of patchouli and amber completes the woody line up – seasoned with salted moss. This makes this scent feel more free-spirited and adventurous. All in all, this fragrance combines the freshness of newly churned sea foam with a masculine elegance. This woody marine scent will not go unnoticed.

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You will love this because…

The fresh, salty smell of the ocean is something most of us only get to experience occasionally, unless you’re lucky enough to live by the coast, but thanks to Jimmy Choo Man Aqua’s aquatic notes, you’ll have the feeling of walks along the beach or a morning spent out surfing with a single spray. If you don’t like heavy, spicy scents, you’ll appreciate the intricacy of the fresh woodiness found in Man Aqua. The liveliness of the scent draws you in without being overpowering. In a nutshell, if you prefer your fragrance light and airy, this is your guy. 

Let’s move on to the bottle design. Jimmy Choo Man Aqua has a striking curved bottle, adding an edgy twist to a classic square bottle shape. The silver top details of the bottle are completed by a luxe crocodile-effect light-blue cap. Overall, it adds an interesting pop of colour to your summer grooming kit.

The round up...

The brand has already become appreciated in the fragrance world for its masculine fougère scents, which makes Jimmy Choo Man Aqua a winner. It will make a nice addition to your summer-day scent collection or it’s the perfect gift that you can easily ‘add to cart’ on Edgars.co.za. This will sure be an alluring scent and a pretty sight in anyone’s bathroom cabinet, dopp kit or gym bag. 

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua

Before you go, tell us in the comments below, what’s your go-to summer scent?


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