The SENSAI EXPERT Collection Delivers Your Silky-Skin Needs

SENSAI is a global beauty and skincare brand that combines the senses and science of Japan. Their signature ingredient that can be found across their products – which was discovered and developed by the House of SENSAI – is Koishimaru Silk, which is able to promote the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This helps the skin to retain moisture for a plump, soft, hydrated complexion. In other words, exactly what we all want!

Since their launch in 1983, SENSAI has launched several successful collections. One of them is the SENSAI EXPERT range. It is made up of four products that can target certain concerns or give specific areas some TLC.

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If you are looking for personalised solutions to ageing-related concerns, the SENSAI EXPERT collection can help. It consists of an essence, a dual essence, a lip treatment and an eye treatment. These products are all versatile and can be slotted into your existing skincare routine where necessary for an extra boost.

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Areas such as the eyes and lips need special attention as we get older. This is why the SENSAI EXPERT range was developed. The four items in the collection were created to help deliver transformative results by improving skin tone and texture, allowing your natural beauty to shine.

Want to explore the SENSAI EXPERT range and add the products to your routine? Here is a selection of them you can shop now:


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