Benefit Has Us Blushing

Benefit Wonderful Blush

A natural rose-tinted blush occurs when an emotional trigger causes your glands to release adrenaline into your body. It causes the capillaries to widen and brings blood to the surface of the skin, creating the rosy glow. Blushing cheeks are often associated with a healthy glow, attractiveness, and happiness. So why wouldn’t we add a gorgeous blush to our make-up routines?

The Ancient Egyptians invented blusher by mixing animal fat and flowers to create various ruby, crimson, carmine, and coral-toned mixtures which they swept across their cheeks and lips for a rosey-tinted glow. The original influencers of the 50 shades of blush on offer today.

Benefit has made things a bit easier by creating a range of beautiful blushes that add a healthy glow with a sweep of your blusher brush. The make-up company was created by identical twins Jane and Jean Ford and the brand has always been known as the “Face Place” – for good reason. Benefit’s whole approach is one of fun, with kitsch packaging and quirkily named products, which was its differentiating factor when it started.

Today, Benefit boasts 11 WANDERful Blushes on Edgars Beauty. They are sweat-proof, humidity-proof, smudge-proof, non-comedogenic, luminous, light-reflecting and help skin look smoother and more radiant. These blushes come in a variety of colours and tones and all have an eight-hour longwear to give your cheeks and face a soft, bright and airbrushed effect.

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The WANDERful World Benefit blush collection features a shade range that’s bursting with colour! These silky-soft powder blushes feel ultra-fine and weightless. They’re buildable, blendable and oh so beautiful. Sweep effortlessly onto cheeks for a soft-focus, airbrushed effect.

WANDERful World Benefit blush collection

Wanderful Benefit Blush
Wanderful Benefit Blush
Wanderful Benefit Blush
Wanderful Benefit Blush
Wanderful Benefit Blush

Willa soft neutral-rose blush with satin finish

Butterfly golden orange blush with soft-shimmer finish

Java rosy mocha blush with natural-matte finish

Crystah strawberry pink blush with soft-shimmer finish

Dandelion baby-pink brightening blush with satin finish

Wanderful Benefit Blush
Wanderful Benefit Blush
Wanderful Benefit Blush

Moone rich berry blush with satin finish

Peachin’ golden peach blush with soft-shimmer finish

PomPom pomegranate rose blush with natural-matte finish

Shellie warm seashell-pink blush with soft-shimmer finish

Sunny warm coral blush with natural-matte finish

Tell us in the comments below, which of these Benefit WANDERful Blushes are you blushing for?


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