Tinted Moisturisers For Men

tinted moisturiser

Here’s an easy way to camouflage uneven skin tone, breakouts and redness.

Let’s face it, everyone’s skin is prone to problems, no matter who you are. We’re talking about redness, dark circles, blemishes, and acne. We’ve all been there, right? This is where tinted moisturisers come in – a hot property for men right now. Keep on reading because we’re going to tell you why.

To make it clear, tinted moisturisers are not just make-up. The key word here is  “moisturiser”. It’s a product designed to subtly improve the look of your skin and it acts like your everyday moisturiser with the same hydrating benefits. The only difference is the colour tint inside the formula. The tint is there to help give you a smoother complexion and can even camouflage dark spots. It’s also especially good for men prone to redness and irritation. In a nutshell, the built-in tint offers a subtle, even-toned look.

A major benefit of tinted moisturisers is that they’re fairly easy to apply – you do it the same way you would apply your daily moisturiser: start with a little dab and rub it gently onto your skin. You’ll quickly notice a visible difference. 

The best ones comes in a universal tint – designed for all skin tones – however, most tinted moisturisers come in a huge range of shades, so you can get an exact match for your skin tone. And no one will be the wiser. Gents, you too can take one of these grooming greats and add it to your skincare arsenal. 

If you’re not sure about picking the right tint for your skin colour, chat to a skin consultant at any Edgars store or leave a comment below and we’d be happy to steer you in the right direction. Interested in trying one out? Check out the below offerings that make grooming a little smoother…

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The budget-friendly price makes this Innoxa tinted moisturiser perfect for first-timers. This tinted cream not only gives coverage for unwanted blemishes, it contains broad-spectrum sun filters with SPF 15 for extra protection against sun damage.

This tinted cream from Inglot is packed with skin helpers like Coenzyme Q10, saffron extract, and vitamins C, E and F. This moisturiser is also very hydrating and comes in six different shades, each with a subtle tint.

Estée Lauder’s moisturiser feels lightweight and it’s tailor-made to enhance any skin tone. The benefit of the SPF 15 is that it helps fight the look of free radical damage and premature signs of ageing.

If you’re a big spender when it comes to skincare, then you should try this tinted moisturiser from Sisley Paris. White lily extract keeps hydration in check, plant-based extracts with astringent refine skin texture and SPF 15 protects against sun damage. What more do you need?

If you don’t like the feel of heavy creams on your face, then this creamy lightweight tinted moisturiser is your go-to guy. It goes on smoothly and visibly covers redness and unevenness. Thanks, Bobbi Brown.

Tell us below, are you adding a tinted moisturiser to your skincare arsenal?


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