4 TikTok Foundation Hacks That *Actually* Work

Social media isn’t just a place to see what influencers are up to and watch cute cat videos. It’s also home to plenty of tips and tricks aimed at making our lives easier. And plenty of them are beauty related. As anyone who has tried them can attest, many of them are a complete fail, while others are legit. Here are four TikTok foundation hacks that *actually* work. You’re welcome!

1. Foundation with your fingers

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Depending on your formula, you don’t necessarily need tools to get flawless foundation. Liquid formulas, as well as tinted moisturisers and BB or CC creams, can be applied using your fingers. Your body heat will help the product melt into your face for a natural skin-like finish.

2. Oily skin staying power

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If you’ve got oily skin, it’s a good idea to invest in a primer aimed at your skin type. But if you don’t have one handy, another foundation hack beauty lovers swear by is applying your setting powder before your foundation. This will make your base last longer and prevent shine.

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3. A long-lasting finish

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Think setting spray should be the final step? Apparently not! One TikTok foundation hack make-up artists love is using setting spray between layers of cream products. Instead of spraying it directly onto your face, spritz it onto a powder puff, dab it onto your skin and allow it to dry for best results.

4. Comfort for dry skin

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If you struggle with dry skin, this is the TikTok foundation hack that will change the game! While you should still apply moisturiser (and, during the day, SPF) to your face before you start with your make-up, mixing some cream into your foundation will also give your skin a moisture boost (and a dewy glow, too!).

Want to invest in products to help you ace your base? Here are some of the best buys to have in your beauty collection to make your foundation go the distance.

Tell us below, have you experienced a beauty fail? What happened?


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