The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

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“Of course, true beauty comes from within. Lipstick just adds a little pizzazz" - Anna Warner

Lipstick is the never-failing make-up must-have we should all be carrying in our make-up bags. It instantly transforms any outfit, but where do you begin? There is a rainbow of red shades and pantones when it comes to lipsticks and it can be quite intimidating to know how to pick your colour. Let’s find the best red lipstick for you.

Is there a science behind red lipstick?

We all know about the phenomenon of dopamine dressing and the mood-boosting enhancements that colour adds to your life, so it is no surprise that a red lip has been scientifically proven to change your life.


A bold red lip is one of the biggest confidence boosters for women. It just exudes poise and self-assurance, even without the murmur of any words from your rouge-painted lips. Feeling confident means business, so the next time you have a meeting that calls for the courageously bold you, sport a glowing red lip.

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It may be just a number, but it is a fact that as we age, our lips lose their natural lusciousness, plumpness and colour. As young teens, we all had darker eyebrows and redder lips, but this is where the power of red lipstick comes in. An easy way to mimic the youthful plushness is by adding a red lip. This is also true for dull-skin days. Red lipstick can add warmth to your skin tone and hide your tired complexion.

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Choosing your perfect shade

No matter the undertone or colour pay-off, red lipstick really does suit all skin tones. There is a scarlet ruby hue for everyone, but how do you select your perfect hue from the cherry-coloured sea at a beauty counter? Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect shade of red for your skin tone.

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Fair skin cool undertone

Fair skin warm undertone

Medium skin cool undertone

Cool-toned red lipsticks are perfect for those who have a fair complexion with a cooler undertone. And here is a bonus benefit – they also make your teeth look brighter and whiter! Bold burgundy hues and berry tones complement cool undertones and make your lips pop.

Orange-red lipsticks are bold and vibrant. and perfect for a fair skin tone with a warm undertone. The key to nailing this look is to keep the rest of your look simple and subtle. Add a sun-kissed bronzer, use a soft peach blush and highlight your cheekbones with a golden highlighter. This will bring out the orange in the red lipstick.

A cool-toned red lipstick looks stunning on people with medium skin tones. Olive or tanned skin tones with a cool undertone are not very common, so don’t shy away from highlighting your uniqueness. Blue and green eyes are common so highlight your features. Opt for a slightly darker red lipstick that has pink or blue undertones.

jlo warm tone red lip
red lip
red lip

Medium skin warm undertone

Dark skin cool undertone

Dark skin warm undertone

Tanned skin with a warm undertone is one of the easiest skin tones to find a red lipstick for. Warm and true reds bring out your natural glow whereas a cool-toned red will add an element of glamour and fun to your make-up. The beauty counter is your playground!

Dark-red lipsticks are great options for those with deep and darker skin tones. Avoid lipsticks that have a white base as they can make your lips look ashy. Chocolate-brown reds will beautifully complement the richness of your dark skin tone, while purple and wine-red shades add depth and allure.

Deep and dark skin tones with warm undertones can play with intense and ultra-rich red shades. Warm and brick-toned reds flatter darker complexions the best. To make your lips really pop, outline your lips with a darker shade lipliner and then add your lipstick for the perfect definition.

Armed with your best red lip, there is nothing you can’t face… Especially when your face looks that good! Choose from a wide selection of lipsticks on the Edgars Beauty website, because even on a bad day, there is always lipstick. 

Before you go, tell us in the comments: what’s your go-to red lipstick shade?


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