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There are make-up trends, and then there are those timeless make-up classics that last a lifetime. Glossy lips are the die-hard craze that are making a stronger comeback than ever before thanks to the clean-girl aesthetic we are seeing all over apps like TikTok and Instagram.

Pucker up

We have introduced the final step of our pre-2020 make-up regime back into our routines and are dusting off our lip products after two years hiding in our vanities. We are excited to show off our pouts, but not with heavier lipsticks. 

Right now, we’re all about the gloss, in every iteration, because nude lips topped with a sheer, tinted or slightly pigmented gloss is the new allure. Liquid glosses trump liquid lipsticks for an easier, more subtle, yet classic final touch to your outfit. Other variations of the gloss family are frosted, glittery, ultra glossy, and some may even have metallic finishes. Whatever your vibe, there’s something for you.


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Throw on your lip gloss and build your empire!

Balm versus gloss: what’s the difference?

Lip balms are formulated to nourish your lips, whereas lip glosses are made to make your lips shine and glitter. The gloss market has expanded significantly to include nourishing glosses that leave you plumped and puckering up instead of feeling as though your lips have been glued together. Lip gloss also gives the illusion of bigger, more luscious lips, giving them a shiny and hydrated appearance. You can use the two in sync to improve your pucker, here’s how…

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When starting your make-up routine, prep your lips by adding a hydrating lip balm (with natural ingredients like body butter, essential oils etc) and allow that to soak in while applying the rest of your make-up. Complete your look with a lip-smacking gloss. Your lips will be nourished and lustrous.


Choosing your lip gloss fighter

No matter the occasion, there is a lip gloss for everyone. A clear gloss to nourish the pucker while running errands, a slightly tinted gloss for the effortless fashionista, or a bold pigmented gloss for the eye-catching diva. Protecting and nourishing, my lips are definitely not sealed about these glossy faves. 

clarins gloss
Sisley gloss
Fenty gloss
Bobbi Brown gloss

This intensely pigmented lip colour leaves a radiant, plumped, wet shiny look on the lips. It provides the ultimate nourishment and hydration for up to four hours.

Phyto-Lip Delight is a nourishing, plumping and protecting lip oil.

Make-up meets lipcare in this unique sensorial gel-balm texture that transforms to an oil upon application. An essential tool to use as desired all day long. 

This universal lip luminiser delivers explosive shine in six shades that flatter all skin tones. One swipe of Gloss Bomb’s XXL wand leaves lips looking instantly fuller and smoother. The non-sticky formula is super shiny, and has an addictive peach-vanilla scent you just can’t get enough of. 

A favourite among many MUAs, this easy-glide, never-sticky formula is everything you love about this best-selling gloss. There are also universally flattering shimmer shades available. Nourishing and slightly tinted for the glow-getters.

Tell us in the comments, are you a nude glossy girl or are you all about the tint?


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