Blitz Beauty Skincare: A Guide To Beauty Snacking

Beauty Snacking

After almost two years of hurriedly hopping between our make-shift home office and the fridge, we have slowly introduced more of our normal activities into daily life. But now, being constantly on the go, seeing family and friends, and possibly returning to the office makes it difficult to dedicate much time to our beauty regimens. Let’s introduce you to the fast, on-the-go concept of “Beauty Snacking”: the time-saving trend that will have you adding nutrient-dense quality skincare in a snack-tastic timeframe.

What exactly is beauty snacking?

Beauty snacking are the bite-sized moments of self-care that use products that have been designed to brighten our days and boost our moods. It’s about taking the micro-beauty moments and giving your skin all it needs in between a Zoom call or lunch meeting. The ritualistic aspect of beauty snacking is where the real magic truly lies, helping to provide structured self-reflection, as well as moments of mindfulness. Plus, it’s a well-established fact that little breaks help to boost productivity and concentration. It can also be described as the extra steps that we’re taking to top up our skincare routines during the day. Yes, beauty snacking can in fact be the missing component you need to feel rejuvenated, especially if you seem to be neglecting your me-time.

"Beauty snacking is defined by flash treatments, which are easy-to-apply, no-mess formats that deliver in seconds."

From a stimulating room mist that helps us refocus to an indulgent hand cream that serves to relieve dry hands after a morning of typing or an illuminator that brightens your complexion before a video call, there’s a beauty snack to suit everyone’s taste.

Let's get snacking, beauty snacking.

When we’re looking to indulge, we adore a self-care Sunday that gets us in the pampering mood before the week ahead. Double cleansing, exfoliating, toning, serums, sheet masks, eye creams, thick night creams… And that is without the added 20 minutes of LED light therapy devices, gua-sha face massages, and magnesium baths. Beauty snacking doesn’t have time for all that. Here’s how you can get as many nutrients into your skin as possible by uncovering your essential toolkit of products to get you snacking.

Face Mists

The face mist is the secret skincare booster you’ve been looking for. It plays the roles of beauty product and make-up setter and mood enhancer, and some may even contain ingredients that block the dreaded bluelight. Plus, it is an easy self-care ritual you can enjoy on-the-go. We love the Dior Bronze Beautifying Protective Milky Mist Sublime Glow SPF 50.

Lip Oil

The High Gloss Lip Oil from INGLOT is a non-sticky formula that ensures comfort in between Zoom calls. Boosted with alpine apple seed oil, cherry kernel oil, apricot kernel oil and argan oil, it provides the utmost care for your lips and emphasises their natural luscious beauty.

Moisturising Hand Cream

The iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is an intensive hand treatment. This award-winning hand cream is fast absorbing, non greasy and smooths rough, weather-exposed skin. The perfect on-the-go self-care treatment to add to your beauty snacking routine. A nutrient-packed hit that will leave you feeling ready to clear your inbox.


Recharging your beauty batteries in between Zoom calls, lunch meetings and deadlines has never been easier. At any time of the day, give your body a break from the grind with these scrumptious beauty snacking treats. Taking you from tired work-a-holic to glowing deadline crusher.


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