Fenty Beauty Global MUA Hector Espinal Spills BTS Tea on The Making of #FentyAfrica

Diversity and inclusion lie at the crux of Fenty Beauty’s DNA, so when it came to #FentyAfrica’s long-awaited arrival, they ensured that their visual campaign was a fully Pan-African affair. From the brand’s choice of photographer to their drop-dead-gorgeous models, such as South African born Jana Skye @JanaSkye_, the Fenty Beauty team spent considerable time scouting young faces and talent from Africa and the diaspora. And the coolest part? Rihanna was involved every step of the way. 

the reveal

Fenty Africa's roundtable...

During Fenty Africa’s roundtable media event, Hector Espinal, the brand’s Global MUA, revealed the team’s meticulous product development process led by Rihanna’s attentiveness to give the people what they want: “We [initially] started with 40 shades of Pro’Filtr Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, but then, based on comments from the public and Rihanna’s fan base, she realized that we were still missing shades. And she was right, because those ten extra colours and undertones [that we added] made such an impact. She literally flew out people from Africa, Mexico if I’m not mistaken, and Dubai to colour-match the undertones [missing in the range].”

Fenty Beauty’s inclusive line-up of complexion formulations now includes 50 shades of Pro’Filtr Soft Matte Foundation, 50 shades of Pro’Filtr Soft Matte Powder Foundation, 25 shades of Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, and 50 shades of Pro’Filtr Instant Retouch Concealer. “The great thing about [Fenty Beauty’s foundations and concealer] is that they’re easy to navigate from color to color,” says Espinal. “So if you’re 420 in one formula, you’re going to be 420 in the rest of the other foundations.”

Side note, for those who’ve wondered about Fenty Beauty’s hallmark hexagon shape, it’s yet another fine but essential detail that transpired in Rihanna’s brilliant mind. “Everything in our range is meant to be easy for the woman on the go,” explains Espinal. “So the reason why [our products] have a hexagon [design] and I didn’t know this until Rihanna told me, is because she felt when you’re doing your makeup and [a product’s shape] is round, it becomes slippery. But if it’s a hexagon [it allows you to] have full control of your product, especially when you’re in a moving car or if you’re a mom who’s breastfeeding. These are the types of details she thinks about.”
What to Shop: Hector Espinal’s top three Fenty Beauty picks:

“That’s like asking me who’s your favourite baby, but…”

“The Sun Stalk’r Instant Warm Bronzer for sure. It’s a multitasker that you can use as a bronzer for your face and an eye shadow.

My second product has to be the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. It’s very hydrating and moisturizing so you can use it as a lip balm, and it’s not sticky.”

And then I would have to say, Killawat Freestyle Highlighter. It’s the best highlighter out there, and 90% [of the time] you’ll use it as an eye shadow cause it looks so dope.”

Shop Hector Espinal’s holy grails and other Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin staples. 


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June 15, 2022

I am really impressed by the way you are doing business and I am just inspired by it!

June 15, 2022

Great tips! I’ve just discovered your Youtube channel, and I love it! Thanks for sharing your content and the day and life of a designer.

June 15, 2022

I love reading your blogs! Thanks so much for the tips both in the blog and on your YouTube channel. As a new Interior Design student, I find them to be incredibly helpful, interesting, and inspirational. Keep up the great work!

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