Step Up Winter Hydration With These New Tinted Lip Balms From Guerlain

Guerlain’s KissKiss Bee Glow is both a lip balm and a lipstick – yes to skincare and make-up in one!


Say hello to your new best friend

Guerlain’s honey tinted lip balm, KissKiss Bee Glow is infused with honey and made of 98% naturally-derived ingredients. It revives the natural colour of the lips with a touch of glowing shine, by offering 24-hour hydration and a pop of colour. So, yes, you’re right if you are thinking this is both a lipstick and lip balm – this dreamy product is a hybrid of skincare and make-up, doing double duty on your lips! Day after day, research showed, lips are more beautiful, regenerated and intensely nourished.

What’s so special about honey?

Honey is a power natural ingredient in skincare. It restores, nourishes and soothes the lips continuously. Propolis smoothes lips and, in tandem with hyaluronic acid, offers a plumping effect, while Beeswax nourishes and allows an addictive and sensory glide.

To complete this trio, hyaluronic acid and shea butter offer 24h hydration, to ensure that, day after day, the lips are more beautiful, intensely nourished and regenerated.

How does it feel?

The texture is creamy and feels like it is melting –  gliding onto the lips for long-lasting comfort. The formula combines honey and active ingredients for soothed, softened, nourished and plumped lips, more beautiful day after day.

"Inspired by bees, this tinted lip balm is phenomenal. It has all the qualities of a must-have! The more you wear it, the more your lips seem plumped up, soft and beautiful."

Tell me about the shades

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow is available in six floral shades with a syrupy, sheer finish. Creative Director of Guerlain Make-up, Violette Serrat, shared her favourites with us…

258 Rose Glow

A very delicate pink that has a subtle glow and is suitable for all complexions and styles

775 Poppy Glow

This petal-soft poppy red creates a very sexy ‘flower lips’ look…

809 Lavender Glow

The most fashionable and daring choice for those who prefer to wear bold make-up.

How to use it best

KissKiss Bee Glow can be used on its own or as a base. On its own: KissKiss Bee Glow revives the color of your lips while providing a regenerating care and 24-hour hydration. As a base: KissKiss Bee Glow can be used before your lipstick for greater comfort and even more vibrant color. Love.

About the case

The original KissKiss case was created by French jewellery designer Hervé van der Straeten. He rold Elle at the time: “I was surprised by, for something you bring close to your lips, how many [lipstick cases] had pointy corners and were quite sharp. I then imagined the way a woman would look for her lipstick in her purse, the feeling she’d have when her fingers found it. I wanted something ergonomic, soft and pleasant to hold.” His design—three rounded gold cubes stacked on top of each other—paid tribute to lipstick’s seductive rituals while epitomizing full-on Hollywood glamour.

This now iconic case was given a golden sheen in 2021 to make it even more precious and now, for the new KissKiss Bee Glow, the cap displays a delicate engraving of the bee, the source of inspiration of this new balm.


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